Jun 20 2016

Female supporting cast announced for movie “Karera ga Honki de Amu Toki wa”

Mimura, Misako Tanaka, Eiko Koike, Lily and Mugi Kadowaki are cast in upcoming movie “Karera ga Honki de Amu Toki wa” starring Toma Ikuta and Kenta Kiritani. Actor Toma Ikuta plays a transgender woman in the film.

Newcomer Rinka Kakihara plays 11-year-old Tomo. Her mother abandons her and she spends time at her uncle’s (Kenta Kiritani) home and her uncle is dating transgender woman Rinko (Toma Ikuta). Mimura will play Hiromi. Her character is the young girl’s mother. Misako Tanaka will play the mother of Rinko. Eiko Koike will play the mother of Tomo’s classmate. Lily will play Tomo’s grandmother and Mugi Kadowaki will play a co-worker of Rinko.

“Karera ga Honki de Amu Toki wa” will be released February 25, 2017 in Japan.

Jun 17 2016

Masahiro Higashide cast in movie “Satoshi no Seishun”

Masahiro Higashide is cast in upcoming movie “Satoshi no Seishun” starring Kenichi Matsuyama. In the film, Masahiro Higashide will play Yoshiharu Habu. His character is based on a real person. Yoshiharu Habu is a professional shogi (go) player and a rival to Satoshi Murayama (Kenichi Matsuyama).

Also more supporting cast members announced for the film include Shota Sometani, Lily Franky, Keiko Takeshita, Toshiyuki Kitami, Michitaka Tsutsui, Tokio Emoto and Ken Yasuda.

“Satoshi no Seishun” will be released sometime later this year in Japan.

Jun 16 2016

Trailer for movie “Emi-Abi”

Trailer for movie “Emi-Abi” starring Ryu Morioka, Tomoya Maeno, Haru Kuroki & Hirofumi Arai. Movie tells the story of a man who was part of a manzai comedy duo. His partner died in a car accident and he is left to ponder his own situation.

“Emi-Abi” will have its world premiere at this year’s Japan Cuts film festival in New York City on July 24, 2016 and its general release September 3, 2016 in Japan.

Jun 15 2016

Yasuko Matsuyuki, Ai Hashimoto, Riko Narumi cast in movie “Koto”

Yasuko Matsuyuki, Ai Hashimoto, Riko Narumi are cast in movie “Koto.” The film is based on 1962 novel “Koto” by Yasunari Kawabata. Yasunari Kawabata became the first Japanese recipient of the Novel Prize for Literature in 1968.

In movie “Koto,” Yasuko Matsuyuki will play twin sisters Chieko Sanda & Mitsuko Nakata. The twin sisters were separated when they were infants, but live in the Kyoto area. Ai Hashimoto will play the daughter of Chieko Sanda and Riko Narumi will play the daughter of Mitsuko Nakata.

“Koto” will be released December 3, 2016 in Japan.

Jun 14 2016

Kanji Tsuda & Ren Komai cast in movie “Name”

Kanji Tsuda & Ren Komai are cast in movie “Name” (“Namae”). Movie will be directed by Akihiro Toda (“Yokotawaru Kanojo“) and screenplay by Yusuke Moriguchi (“Tsumugu Mono“). In the film, Kanji Tsuda plays Masao. His character has gone through many difficulties and uses other people’s names. He meets a strange high school student played by Ren Komai. Filming for the movie takes place from this summer around Ibaraki Prefecture and will finish September, 2016.

Jun 9 2016

Tadanobu Asano & Rena Tanaka “Osanago Warera ni Umare”

Tadanobu Asano & Rena Tanaka are cast in new movie “Osanago Warera ni Umare.” Movie will be directed by Yukiko Mishima (“A Stitch of Life“) and based on the novel “Osanago Warera ni Umare” by Kiyoshi Shigematsu. Story for the film has Tadanobu Asano & Rena Tanaka playing husband and wife and they are both remarried. The wife has 2 daughters from her prior marriage which they care for together. After she gets pregnant again, things change in the family.

“Osanago Warera ni Umare” will be released sometime next year in Japan.