Dec 1 2022

Main trailer & poster for movie “Do Unto Others”

Main trailer and poster added for movie “Do Unto Others” starring Kenichi Matsuyama & Masami Nagasawa. The film, which will be released domestically in Japan as “Lost Care,” is based on 2013 novel “Lost Care” by Aki Hamanaka. The trailer begins with captions that asks “Why did he kill 42 people?” The trailer then shows Caregiver Munenori Shiba (Kenichi Matsuyama) telling Prosecutor Hidemi Otomo (Masami Nagasawa) that the death of 42 people was not murder, but salvation. Meanwhile, the movie’s theme song of “Samoarinan” by Naotaro Moriyama is also played in the main trailer.

“Do Unto Others” will be released March 24, 2023 in Japan.

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Nov 30 2022

Teaser trailer & poster for movie “Tokyo Revengers 2 Part 1”

Teaser trailer and poster added for live-action film “Tokyo Revengers 2 Part 1” starring Takumi Kitamura, Yuki Yamada, and Yosuke Sugino. The film is based on manga series “Tokyo Revengers” by Ken Wakui (“Shinjuku Swan“) and follows 2021 movie “Tokyo Revengers.” The sequel film will be released in two parts, with Part I set for release during golden week (late April to early May, 2023) and Part II scheduled for release during summer, 2023.

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Nov 21 2022

Masaki Suda cast in live-action film “Don’t Call it Mystery”

Masaki Suda is cast in live-action film “Don’t Call it Mystery.” The film is based on manga series “Mystery to Iu Nakare” by Yumi Tamura and follows 2022 Fuji TV drama series “Don’t Call it Mystery” also starring Masaki Suda. For movie “Don’t Call it Mystery,” Masaki Suda will play Totono Kuno. He is a quirky young man, with curly hair, no friends or girlfriend, but loves curry. He is also highly intelligent and able to talk through mystery cases to solve them.

“Don’t Call it Mystery” will be released sometime during autumn, 2023 in Japan.

Nov 18 2022

Main trailer for movie “Motherhood”

Main trailer added for movie “Motherhood” starring Erika Toda & Mei Nagano. The trailer starts about 15 seconds after showing highlights from the cast appearing at the 2022 Tokyo International Film Festival. Erika Toda begins the trailer by stating “I was wrong.” The film tells the story of an unsolved case from the different perspectives of the mother and daughter. The movie is based on 2012 novel “Bosei” by Kanae Minato (“Confessions“).

“Motherhood” will be released November 23, 2022 in Japan.

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Nov 4 2022

Main trailer for movie “Manhole”

Main trailer added for movie “Manhole” starring Yuto Nakajima. Movie is scripted by Michitaka Okada (“Masquerade Hotel“) and directed by Kazuyoshi Kumakiri (“My Man“). Newly announced to play major supporting characters roles in the film are Nao and Kento Nagayama. In the movie, Nao will play Mai Kudo. She is the ex-girlfriend of main character Shunsuke Kawamura played by Yuto Nakajima. Shunsuke Kawamura finds himself in quite a pickle, when he falls into a manhole after walking home drunk from a surprise party thrown for him. He is supposed to get married the next day. Kento Nagayama will play Etsuro Kase. He is a co-worker of Shunsuke Kawamura.

“Manhole” is now scheduled for release February 10, 2023 in Japan.

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Oct 28 2022

Tao Tsuchiya cast in movie “Matching”

Tao Tsuchiya is cast in movie “Matching.” The suspense film is written and directed by Eiji Uchida. For movie “Matching,” Tao Tsuchiya plays wedding planner Rinka. She is not get with dating men and signs up with a dating app on a colleague’s recommendation. The man she meets becomes a suspect in a serial murder case. The first teaser trailer for the movie has also been added on AsianWiki.

“Matching” will be released sometime next year in Japan.

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