Jan 24 2022

Launching trailer for movie “Serve the People”

Launching trailer added for movie “Serve the People” starring Yeon Woo-Jin, Ji An, & Cho Seong-Ha. Movie is based on 2005 Chinese novel “Serve the People” by Yan Lianke and directed by Jang Cheol-Soo (“Secretly Greatly“). The screenplay is set within the military, where an affair takes place between a soldier and a military commander’s wife.

“Serve the People” will be released February, 2022 in South Korea.

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Jan 4 2022

Jeon Do-Yeon & Sol Kyung-Gu cast in Netflix movie “Kill Bok-Soon”

Jeon Do-YeonSol Kyung-GuEsom and Koo Gyo-Hwan are cast in Netflix movie “Kill Bok-Soon.” The film is written and directed by Byun Sung-Hyun (The Merciless“). Jeon Do-Yeon will play the title character, who is a lethal contract killer. She works for a murder-for-hire company run by Sol Kyung-Gu’s character. Esom will play the younger sister and employee for the company run by Sol Kyung-Gu’s character. Koo Gyo-Hwan will play a killer that is also employed by the same company.

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Dec 28 2021

Lee Je-Hoon & Koo Gyo-Hwan cast in movie “Run Away”

Lee Je-Hoon and Koo Gyo-Hwan are cast in movie “Run Away” (literal title). Movie will be directed by Lee Jong-Pil (“Samjin Company English Class“). The film will have Lee Je-Hoon play North Korean soldier Im Kyu-Nam. He attempts to defect to South Korea by crossing the DMZ, but he is tracked by North Korean officer Ri Hyun-Sang (Koo Gyo-Hwan).

Filming for “Run Away” will begin in the first half of next year in South Korea.

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Dec 15 2021

Release date for “Emergency Declaration” postponed

Movie distributor Showbox has decided to postpone the release of movie “Emergency Declaration” due to Covid-19 concerns and its prevention. The film already had its world premiere in the Out of Competition section at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival. The disaster film is directed by Han Jae-Rim (“The Face Reader“) and features an impressive cast including Song Kang-Ho, Lee Byung-Hun, Jeon Do-Yeon, Kim Nam-Gil, & Im Si-Wan. The screenplay depicts a bioterrorist attack on an airplane en route to Hawaii.

Dec 14 2021

Ahn Bo-Hyun cast in movie “2 O’clock Date”

Actor Ahn Bo-Hyun is cast for the lead male role in movie “2 O’clock Date” (literal title) co-starring Lim Yoon-A. Ahn Bo-Hyun replaces Kim Sun-Ho, who was first cast to play the lead male character, but he dropped out after a scandal ensued with an ex-girlfriend. Movie “2 O’clock Date” is directed by Lee Sang-Geun, who previously worked with Lim Yoon-A in movie “Exit.”

Filming for “2 O’clock Date” is now scheduled to start April, 2022.

Dec 7 2021

Main poster & release date for movie “The Policeman’s Lineage”

Main poster and release date set for movie “The Policeman’s Lineage” starring Cho Jin-Woong & Choi Woo-Sik. The film is based on Japanese novel “Keikan no Chi” by Joh Sasaki, which was previously adapted into 2009 TV Asahi drama special “The Policeman’s Lineage.” Caption on the main poster asks “Two police officers on the border. Who will you trust?”

“The Policeman’s Lineage” is now scheduled for release January 5, 2022 in South Korea.

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Dec 7 2021

Main trailer for movie “Kingmaker”

Main trailer added for movie “Kingmaker” starring Sol Kyung-Gu & Lee Sun-Kyun. The main trailer begins with Lee Sun-Kyun stating “People? Who are they? If you coax them, they will believe you. If you say something, they will listen to you. If you tell them what to do, they will do whatever you instructed. That’s what they are.”

“Kingmaker” is now set for release December 29, 2021 in South Korea.

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