Jul 29 2021

Highlight trailer for tvN drama “The Road: The Tragedy of One”

Highlight trailer added for tvN drama series “The Road: The Tragedy of One” starring Ji Jin-Hee & Yoon Se-Ah. The highlight video follows Anchorman Baek Soo-Hyun (Ji Jin-Hee) as he reveals a scoop on an illegal election campaign fund, while broadcasting live. Watching the broadcast, are Politician Hwang Tae-Seob (Kim Roe-Ha) and Chairman Seo Ki-Tae (Cheon Ho-Jin), who seem angered by the revelation. Baek Soo-Hyun soon receives a phone call and the caller tells him that his son Yeon-Woo has been kidnapped. 

“The Road: The Tragedy of One” first airs August 4, 2021 in South Korea.

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Jul 15 2021

Ju Ji-Hoon & Han So-Hee cast in movie “Gentleman”

 Ju Ji-Hoon and Han So-Hee are cast for lead roles in movie “Gentleman.” The film will be directed by Kim Kyoung-Won (“The Artist: Reborn“). For actress Han So-Hee, “Gentleman” marks her first acting role in a feature film. She is currently starring in JTBC drama series “Nevertheless.” The film will have Ju Ji-Hoon play Ji Hyun-Soo. He is the owner of a private detective agency and gets falsely accused of murder. Han So-Hee will play Prosecutor Kim Hwa-Jin.

Filming for “Gentleman” will begin August, 2021 and the movie will be released May, 2022 in South Korea. The movie will be streamed on online platform Wavve after its theatrical release.

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Jun 29 2021

Ma Dong-Seok, Seohyun cast in movie “Holy Night: Demon Hunters”

Ma Dong-Seok, Seohyun, David Lee, Kyung Soo-Jin, & Jung Ji-So are cast in movie “Holy Night: Demon Hunters.” The film revolves around the Holy Night team that fights against demons. Ma Dong-Seok, Seohyun, and David Lee will play members of the Holy Night team. Kyung Soo-Jin will play a woman who turns to the Holy Night team to save her younger sister played by Jung Ji-So.

Filming for “Holy Night: Demon Hunters” began June 28, 2021 and the release date for the film has yet to be announced.

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Jun 25 2021

Main cast for Netflix movie “Seoul Vibe”

Main cast announced for Netflix action film “Seoul Vibe.” The main cast includes Yoo Ah-In, Ko Gyung-Pyo, Lee Kyu-Hyung, Park Ju-Hyun, Ong Seong-Wu, Kim Sung-Kyun, Jung Woong-In, & Moon So-Ri. The film is described as an action blockbuster revolving around a car driving team, money laundering, and set in 1988 during the Summer Olympics. Movie is directed by Moon Hyun-Sung (“As One“).

Filming for “Seoul Vibe” is already underway.

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Jun 24 2021

Kim Bo-Ra & Kim Jae-Hyun cast in movie “Oksu Station Ghost”

Kim Bo-Ra and Kim Jae-Hyun (N.Flying) are cast in movie “Oksu Station Ghost” (literal title). The movie is based on webcomic “Oksooyuk Guishin” by Ho Rang and directed by Jeong Yong-Ki (“Return of the Mafia“). The screenplay is written by Japanese screenwriter Hiroshi Takahashi (“Ring“). The film is set around Oksu Station in Seoul, where mysterious cases takes place.

Filming for “Oksu Station Ghost” began June 20, 2021 and the movie will be released sometime next year.