Mar 29 2024

Tomoya Nakamura & Tao Tsuchiya cast in NHK drama “Shrink: Psychiatrist Yowai”

Tomoya Nakamura and Tao Tsuchiya are cast in NHK drama series “Shrink: Psychiatrist Yowai.” Drama series is based on manga series “Shrink: Seishinkai Yowai” by Jin Nanami & illustrated by Tsukiko. Story for “Shrink: Psychiatrist Yowai” will be set at a small psychiatry clinic in a back alley within Shinjuku. Tomoya Nakamura will play Psychiatrist Konosuke Yowai and Tao Tsuchiya will play Nurse Yuri Amamiya.

“Shrink: Psychiatrist Yowai” will consist of 3 episodes and first air August 31, 2024 in Japan.

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Mar 28 2024

Ai Mikami cast in WOWOW drama “Game no Na wa Yukai”

Ai Mikami is cast in WOWOW drama series “Game no Na wa Yukai” starring Kazuya Kamenashi. The drama series is based on 2002 novel “Game no Na wa Yukai” by popular mystery writer Keigo Higashino, which was previously adapted into 2003 movie “G@me” starring Naohito Fujiki and Yukie Nakama. For the upcoming drama series, Ai Mikami will play Juri Katsuragi, who is the daughter of car company vice president Katsutoshi Katsuragi and his mistress. She is abused by her family and her father ignores her situation. She teams up with Shunsuke Sakuma (Kazuya Kamenashi) to get revenge on her father Katsutoshi Katsuragi.

“Game no Na wa Yukai” is now set to first air June 9, 2024 in Japan.

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Mar 21 2024

Kazunari Ninomiya cast in TBS drama “Black Forceps Season 2”

Kazunari Ninomiya is cast in TBS sequel drama series “Black Forceps Season 2.” The first season, originally aired in 2018 on TBS, featured Kazunari Ninomiya playing highly skilled surgeon Seishiro Tokai. The drama series is based on 2007 novel “Black Pean 1988” by Takeru Kaido (“Glory of Team Batista“). 

“Black Forceps Season 2” first airs July, 2024 in Japan (takes over TBS’ Friday 9PM time slot after “Antihero“).

Mar 18 2024

Shinichi Tsutsumi cast in TBS drama series “Messou mo Nai”

Shinichi Tsutsumi, Taishi Nakagawa, Shota Sometani, and Moka Kamishiraishi are cast in TBS drama series “Messou mo Nai.” The drama series is scripted and directed by Takuya Kato (“A Bad Boy Drinks Tea“). The unusual script revolves around 7 mysterious holes that appear in Japan and a man named Ozawa (Shinichi Tsutsumi) who starts a cult that believes the holes are God. Filming for the drama series mixes standard filming on location and also within a studio set that is set up like a theater stage. The first teaser trailer can be viewed at AsianWiki.

“Messou mo Nai” will first air April 16, 2024 in Japan.

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Mar 8 2024

Kiita Komagine & Taisuke Niihara cast in TV Asahi drama “At 25:00 in Akasaka”

Kiita Komagine and Taisuke Niihara are cast in TV Asahi live-action drama series “At 25:00 in Akasaka.” The drama series is based on BL themed manga series “25ji Akasaka de” by Hiroko Natsuno. In the drama series, Taisuke Niihara will play rookie actor Yuki Shirasaki. He gets cast in BL drama series opposite popular star actor Asami Hayama (Kiita Komagine).

“At 25:00 in Akasaka” will first air April 18, 2024 in Japan.

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Mar 7 2024

Anne Nakamura & Yu Yokoyama cast in NTV-YTV drama “Yakusoku”

Anne Nakamura & Yu Yokoyama are cast in NTV-YTV drama series “Yakusoku.” The crime-mystery drama series features an original screenplay that will have the two leads play detectives. Anne Nakamura will play Aoi Kiriyuu. She is a detective and returns to her hometown after 16 years to prove her father’s innocence. Yu Yokoyama will play Kei Kosaka. He works with her on the case and also watches over her.

“Yakusoku” will first air April 11, 2024 (takes over NTV’s Thursday 23:59 time slot after “Time Traveler’s Disease“).

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Mar 7 2024

Takuya Kimura cast in TV Asahi drama “Believe”

Takuya Kimura is cast in TV Asahi drama series “Believe.” For the drama series, which pairs him again with director Jota Tsunehiro and screenwriter Yumiko Inoue. They previously worked together 2018 TV Asahi drama series “BG: Personal Bodyguard” and 2020 TV Asahi drama series “BG: Personal Bodyguard Season 2.” In “Believe,” Takuya Kimura will play Architect Riku Kariyama. He is passionate about his work, but comes across unexpected problems while working on his latest project.

“Believe” will first air April, 2024 in Japan (takes over TV Asahi’s Thursday 9 PM time slot after “Great Gift“).

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Mar 6 2024

TV Asahi to air sequel drama “Six-Second Path Season 2”

Issey Takahashi, Isao Hashizume, and Tsubasa Honda are cast in TV Asahi drama series “Six-Second Path Season 2.” The drama series is set one year after 2023 TV Asahi drama series “Six-Second Path: The Melancholy of Fireworks Master Seitaro Mochizuki.” Also cast to play a new character in the sequel drama series is Mayu Miyamoto. For Mayu Miyamoto, she will play a mysterious woman named Fumika Noguchi. She approaches Seitaro Mochizuki (Issey Takahashi) to work as his apprentice.

“Six-Second Path Season 2” will first air April 13, 2024 in Japan (takes over TV Asahi’s Saturday 11:30 PM time slot after “Rikon Shinai Otoko“).

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Mar 4 2024

WOWOW to air drama series sequel “Golden Kamuy”

WOWOW to air drama series “Golden Kamuy” starring Kento Yamazaki, Anna Yamada, & Gordon Maeda. The drama series is a sequel to the just released 2024 movie “Golden Kamuy” and based on manga series “Golden Kamuy” by Satoru Noda. The sequel drama series will pick up immediately after where there 2024 movie version ended. Namely, the hunt to find the escaped prisoners who have tattoos that reveal the location of hidden gold. Along with the returning cast members from the movie version, are new cast members who will play new characters: Hiroyuki Ikeuchi, Maryjun Takahashi, Yuki Sakurai, and Akihisa Shiono. Director Sigeaki Kubo and screenwriter Tsutomu Kuroiwa, who worked on the movie version will also work together for the drama series sequel.

“Golden Kamuy” will air sometime this autumn in Japan.

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Feb 29 2024

Ren Nagase & Yuka Itaya cast in TV Asahi drama “Tokyo Tower”

Ren Nagase and Yuka Itaya are cast in TV Asahi drama series “Tokyo Tower.” The drama series is based on 1999 novel “Tokyo Tower” by Kaori Ekuni, which was previously made into 2005 movie “Tokyo Tower,” starring Junichi Okada & Hitomi Kuroki, and 2014 JTBC drama series “Secret Affair,” starring Kim Hee-Ae & Yoo Ah-In. For the 2024 version, Ren Nagase will play bored medical student Toru Kojima and Yuka Itaya will play architect Shifumi Asano. They meet and spend time together at her office.

“Tokyo Tower” first airs April 20, 2024 in Japan.

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