Apr 17 2023

Go Ayano, Tasuku Emoto, & Honami Sato cast in movie “Hanakutashi”

Go Ayano, Tasuku Emoto, & Honami Sato are cast in movie “Hanakutashi.” The film is based on the 2000 novel of same name by Hisaki Matsuura and directed by Haruhiko Arai (“This Country’s Sky“). For “Hanakutashi,” Go Ayano will play Tochitani. He who works as a director in the porn industry. Tasuku Emoto will play Iseki, who aspired to become a screenwriter. Honami Sato will play actress Shoko.

“Hanakutashi” will be released sometime during winter, 2023 in Japan.

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Apr 11 2023

Teaser trailer and poster for movie “My Missing Valentine”

Teaser trailer and poster added for movie “My Missing Valentine” starring Masaki Okada & Kaya Kiyohara. Movie is a remake of 2020 Taiwanese film “My Missing Valentine,” with the screenplay adaptation handled by Kankuro Kudo (“Welcome to the Quiet Room“) and directed by Nobuhiro Yamashita (“My Back Page“). Caption on the teaser poster states “The timing’s always not right.”

“My Missing Valentine” will be released  July 7, 2023 in Japan.

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Apr 5 2023

Main trailer and poster for movie “The Dry Spell”

Main trailer and poster added for movie “The Dry Spell” starring Toma Ikuta. The film follows Shunsaku Iwakiri (Toma Ikuta) who works for the city water company. His job is to shut off the water or collect late payment from businesses and residential customers. The movie’s theme song has also been announced as “Kassui” by Shutoku Mukai, which is played in the main trailer as well. Newly announced supporting cast members for the film are Ryubi Miyase, Ken Yoshizawa, Atsushi Shinohara, Rie Shibata, Yoshiyuki Morishita, Yoji Tanaka, and Gitan Otsuru.

“The Dry Spell” will be released June 2, 2023 in Japan.

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Mar 24 2023

Teaser poster and release date for movie “Don’t Call it Mystery”

Teaser poster and September 15, 2023 release date set for live-action film “Don’t Call it Mystery” starring Masaki Suda. In addition, the first group of supporting actors have been announced for the film and they are Kou Shibasaki, Kouhei Matsushita, Keita Machida, Nanoka Hara, & Riku Hagiwara. The supporting actors will play characters who are involved in an inheritance mystery set in Hiroshima. “Don’t Call it Mystery” is based on manga series “Mystery to Iu Nakare” by Yumi Tamura.

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Mar 22 2023

Trailer for movie “Hamon”

Trailer added for movie “Hamon” starring Mariko Tsutsui & Ken Mitsuishi. Movie is written and directed by Naoko Ogigami (“Riverside Mukolitta“). Captions in the main trailer states (0:11) “Husband went missing,” (0:22) “Husband is back,” (0:29) “Man who abandoned his family,” (0:31) “He got cancer,” (0:38) “Daily life falls apart,” (0:49) “Hate,” and (1:18) “Laugh at despair.”

“Hamon” will be released May 26, 2023 in Japan.

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