Feb 2 2021

Masaki Suda cast in movie “Cube”

Masaki Suda is cast the lead role and Anne WatanabeMasaki Okada, Hikaru Tashiro, Takumi Saito and Kotaro Yoshida are cast supporting roles in movie “Cube.” The film is a remake of 1997 Canadian sci-fi horror film “Cube.” Filming for the remake began October, 2020 and finished November, 2020. Meanwhile, the first teaser trailer for the film has been added on AsianWiki. 6 character posters are added below.

“Cube” will be released October 22, 2021 in Japan.

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Jan 29 2021

Teaser trailer & teaser posters for movie “Shin Ultraman”

Teaser trailer and two teaser posters added for upcoming movie “Shin Ultraman” starring Takumi Saito, Masami Nagasawa, & Hidetoshi Nishijima. The film, which is remake of TBS series “Ultraman,” is directed by Shinji Higuchi (“Attack on Titan“) & scripted by Hideaki Anno (“Evangelion: 1.0 You Are (Not) Alone“). The teaser trailer shows a crisis unfolding in Japan as a giant creatures lands on Earth and destroys everything in its path.

“Shin Ultraman” is now scheduled for release sometime this summer in Japan.

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Jan 28 2021

Hiroshi Abe & Takumi Kitamura cast in movie “Tonbi”

Hiroshi Abe and Takumi Kitamura are cast in movie “Tonbi.” The film is based on 2008 novel “Tonbi” by Kiyoshi Shigematsu and directed by Takahisa Zeze. The novel was previously adapted into 2012 NHK drama special “Tonbi” starring Shinichi Tsutsumi & Sosuke Ikematsu and 2013 TBS drama series “Tonbi” starring Masaaki Uchino & Takeru Satoh. Filming for the movie version began November 14, 2020 and finished December 24, 2020. Shooting took place in Okayama, Hyogo, and Kanto region in Japan.

“Tonbi” will be released sometime during 2022 in Japan.

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Jan 27 2021

Teaser video & character posters for movie “Tomorrow’s Dining Table”

Teaser video & character posters added for movie “Tomorrow’s Dining Table” starring Miho Kanno, Mitsuki Takahata, & Machiko Ono. The character posters are of the three lead actresses. Caption on the character posters teases “Am I the one who killed a son?” Movie is based on 2016 novel “Ashita no Shokutaku” by Michiko Yazuki and directed by Takahisa Zeze.

“Tomorrow’s Dining Table” will be released spring, 2021 in Japan.

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Jan 27 2021

Teaser trailer for movie “Honey Lemon Soda”

Teaser trailer added for live-action film “Honey Lemon Soda” starring Raul & Ai Yoshikawa. Movie is based on manga series “Honey Lemon Soda” by Mayu Murata and directed by Koji Shintoku (“Peach Girl“). In addition, first group of supporting cast members for the film has been announced. They are Mayu Hotta as Serina Kanno, Tatsuomi Hamada as Tomoya Takamine, Ryota Bando as Satoru Seto, and Natsumi Okamoto as Ayumi Endo. Visuals of the supporting characters are below.

“Honey Lemon Soda” is now set for release July 9, 2021 in Japan.

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Jan 25 2021

Teaser trailer for movie “Kakegurui The Movie Part 2”

Teaser trailer added for live-action sequel film “Kakegurui The Movie Part 2” starring Minami Hamabe & Mahiro Takasugi. Movie is based on manga series “Kakegurui” by Homura Kawamoto & directed by Tsutomu Hanabusa (“Sadako 3D“). The teaser trailer shows Ryusei Fujii as Makuro Shikigami. He is a new character and did not appear in the 2019 film “Kakegurui The Movie.” Makuro Shikigami is the cruelest assassin and an excellent gambler.

“Kakegurui The Movie Part 2” will be released May, 2021 in Japan.

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