Oct 16 2015

Lee Kwang-Soo cast in SBS drama special “Puck!”

Actor/comedian Lee Kwang-Soo is cast in new SBS drama special “Puck!” The 1 episode drama special has Lee Kwang-Soo playing a tough loan shark who changes after joining a university hockey team. Filming for “Puck!” begins November, 2015 and the drama special is expected to air sometime in late 2015 in South Korea.


Oct 15 2015

trailer for upcoming film “7s”

Trailer added for upcoming film “7s” starring Motoki Fukami & Yasushi Fuchikami. Movie is written and directed by Michihito Fujii (“Oh! Father“). Premise for the film follows an indie film director who wins the grand prize and money at an indie film festival. He decides to go for a more ambitious ($$$) project with his next film “7s” involving a group of swindlers.

“7s” will be released November 7, 2015 in Japan.

Oct 15 2015

First still images of Lee Hyun-Woo and Hong Bin in KBS2 drama “Moorim School”

Here’s the first still images of Lee Hyun-Woo and Hong Bin (idol group ‘VIXX’) in upcoming KBS2 drama series “Moorim School.”

The still images are from the first day of filming for the drama series. The first scene has Yoon Shi-Woo (Lee Hyun-Woo) and Wang Chi-Ang (Hong Bin) carrying out a mission. Their mission is to go Moorimbong Mountain and bring a sign. Background of the two characters has Yoon Shi-Woo as a leader of a popular Korean boy band and Wang Chi-Ang comes from a wealthy family. They become roommates at Moorim School.

“Moorim School” first airs January, 2016 in South Korea.

Oct 14 2015

Bae Doo-Na cast in movie “Tunnel”

Actress Bae Doo-Na is cast in upcoming film “Tunnel” starring Ha Jung-Woo. Movie is based on 2013 novel “Tunnel” by So Jae-Won and will be directed by Kim Sung-Hoon (“”A Hard Day“).

In movie “Tunnel,” Bae Doo-Na will play the wife of main character played by Ha Jung-Woo. Ha Jung-Woo’s character becomes trapped in a tunnel that collapses. Filming for “Tunnel” begins October, 2015 in South Korea.

Oct 14 2015

Shun Oguri cast in TBS drama series “Kounodori”

Shun Oguri is cast in upcoming TBS drama series “Kounodori” starring Gou Ayano, Mayu Matsuoka, Gen Hoshino, Yo Yoshida and Nao Omori.

In the drama series, Shun Oguri will play Hiroyuki Nagai. His character’s pregnant wife falls unconscious due to a car accident. Hiroyuki Nagai is not a regular cast member, but he will appear often in the drama series. From the middle portion of “Kounodori,” his character has an important role which affects Sakura Konotori (Gou Ayano).

“Kounodori” first airs October 16, 2015 in Japan.

Oct 14 2015

Han Ye-Seul and Sung Joon offered lead roles in JTBC drama series “Madame Antoine”

Actress Han Ye-Seul and actor Sung Joon have been offered the lead roles in upcoming JTBC drama series “Madame Antoine.” The drama series is setup as a romantic-comedy, revolving around psychological experts. Both, Han Ye-Seul and Sung Joon are “positively considering” their offers.

“Madame Antoine” will first air November 27, 2015 in South Korea (will takeover JTBC’s Friday and Saturday 8:40 PM time slot after “D-Day“).