Dec 8 2015

Kim Young-Kwang, Lee Sung-Kyung & Lim Ju-Hwan cast in movie “Broker”

Kim Young-Kwang, Lee Sung-Kyung & Lim Ju-Hwan are cast in new movie “Broker.” Movie will be directed by Kim Hong-Sun (“Traffickers“/”The Con Artists“). Story for the film involves the murder of the daughter of the Minister of Justice.

In movie “Broker,” Kim Young-Kwang will play Choi Sang-Min. His character is a popular attorney. He takes the murder case involving the daughter of the Minister of Justice. Actress Lee Sung-Kyung will play a public defender. Meanwhile, Lim Ju-Hwan will play Han Sung-Ho. His character works as a PD at a newsroom. He goes after the truth in the murder case.

Filming for “Broker” begins January, 2016 in South Korea.

Dec 7 2015

First teaser poster for movie “Don’t Forget Me”

Here’s the first teaser poster for upcoming film “Don’t Forget Me” starring Jung Woo-Sung & Kim Ha-Neul. Movie “Don’t Forget Me” is a remake of 2010 short film “Remember O Goddess.” Both the original short film and the movie “Don’t Forget Me” are written and directed by Lee Yoon-Jung. Premise for the film follows a man (Jung Woo-Sung) who lost his memory from the past 10 years. He falls in love with a woman played by Kim Ha-Neul.

Release date for “Don’t Forget Me” is now set for January 7, 2016 in South Korea.

Nov 27 2015

first character posters for movie “Mood of the Day”

Here’s the first character posters for upcoming romantic-comedy film “Mood of the Day” starring Moon Chae-WonYoo Yeon-Seok. Movie is directed by Jo Kyu-Jang (“A Camel Doesn’t Leave Desert“). The story for “Mood of the Day” involves two people who meet on the high speed KTX train in South Korea. They spend a day together in the port city of Busan.

“Mood of the Day” is now slotted for release sometime this January, 2016 in South Korea.