Dec 29 2020

Main cast for KBS2 drama “OK Kwang Sisters”

Hong Eun-HeeJeon Hye-BinGo Won-Hee and Kim Kyung-Nam are cast in KBS2 drama series “OK Kwang Sisters” (literal title). The drama series will air on Saturday and Sunday evenings after the conclusion of “Homemade Love Story.” Hong Eun-Hee, Jeon Hye-Bin, and Go Won-Hee will play sisters in the drama series. Along with their father, they are suspects in the death of their mother. Genre of the drama series will feature a mixture of mystery, thriller, comedy, and romance elements.

“OK Kwang Sisters” will first air March, 2021 in South Korea.

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Dec 28 2020

Yoo In-Na cast in JTBC drama “Snowdrop”

Yoo In-Na is cast in JTBC drama series “Snowdrop” (literal title) starring Jung Hae-In & Blackpink’s Kim Ji-Soo. Other performers already cast in supporting roles are Jang Seung-Jo, Kim Hye-Yoon, Yoon Se-Ah, and Jung Eugene. For the drama series, Yoo In-Na will play Kang Chung-Ya. She works as a surgeon at a national medical center. She is also a mysterious figure and seems to hide something.

“Snowdrop” will air sometime next year in South Korea.

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Dec 23 2020

First teaser trailer for JTBC drama “Sisyphus: The Myth”

First teaser trailer added for JTBC drama series “Sisyphus: The Myth” starring Cho Seung-Woo & Park Shin-Hye. Narration in teaser trailer #1 goes (0:18) Cho Seung-Woo “I saw those people,” (0:22) Cho Seung-Woo “We are not the only ones in this world,” (0:26) Cho Seung-Woo “Other people have been living in hiding between us,” (0:31) Cho Seung-Woo “These people are looking for you,” (0:36) Park Shin-Hye “Han Tae-Sool, lie down,” (0:45) Park Shin-Hye “Dad,” (0:55) Park Shin-Hye “Speed Up,” (01:03) Park Shin-Hye “If I save you, then you will save the world,” (01:07) Park Shin-Hye “You stop it,” (01:09) Cho Seung-Woo “This time, let’s go to the end” (01:11) Park Shin-Hye “This time I can do it,” (01:13) Park Shin-Hye “I can change all.” Filming for the drama series has finished.

The teaser trailer also reveals that “Sisyphus: The Myth” will first air February, 2021 (takes over JTBC’s Wednesday & Thursday 9PM time slot after “Run On.”).

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Dec 23 2020

First script reading for OCN drama “Times”

First script reading for OCN drama series “Times,” starring Lee Seo-Jin & Lee Joo-Young, took place September, 2020 in Sangam-dong, Seoul, South Korea. Attending the first script reading were director Yoon Jong-Ho, screenwriters Lee Sae-Bom, & An Hye-Jin, and main cast members Lee Seo-Jin, Lee Joo-Young, Kim Young-Chul, Moon Jeong-Hee, Song Young-Chang, Kim In-Kwon, Yu Seong-Ju, Shim Hyung-Tak, Moon Ji-In, Jung Sung-Il, Heo Jae-Ho, & Bae Hyun-Kyung. Before the first script reading began, Lee Seo-Jin stated “I am thinking deeply on how to express my character more attractively.” Lee Joo-Young stated “I have been an OCN fan for a long time. I am excited everyday to work with good senior actors and actresses, as well as working with a good script.” The drama series features two reporters from two different time periods, able to speak via a phone call.

“Times” first airs February 20, 2021 in South Korea.

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Dec 22 2020

Oh Na-Ra cast in SBS drama “Racket Boys”

Oh Na-Ra is cast for a lead role in new SBS drama series “Racket Boys” (literal title). Currently, veteran actor Kim Sang-Kyung and young actors Tang Joon-Sang and Kim Kang-Hoon are in discussions to take part in the drama series. The drama series will revolve around a middle school badminton team. Oh Na-Ra will play Ra Young-Ja. She is the coach of the badminton team.

“Racket Boys” will air sometime next year in South Korea.

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Dec 21 2020

Lee Do-Hyun & Go Min-Si cast in KBS2 drama “Youth of May”

Lee Do-Hyun and Go Min-Si are cast for lead roles in KBS2 drama series “Youth of May” (literal title). Lee Sang-Yi and Keum Sae-Rok are also cast for major supporting characters. The drama series is a romance story that is set against the backdrop of the Gwangju Uprising that happened in May, 1980. Lee Do-Hyun and Go Min-Si are currently starring together in Netflix drama series “Sweet Home” as brother and sister.

“Youth of May” will air sometime during the first half of next year in South Korea.

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Dec 21 2020

Jung Woo-Sung cast in SBS drama “Delayed Justice”

Jung Woo-Sung is cast in currently airing SBS drama series “Delayed Justice” starring Kwon Sang-Woo. Jung Woo-Sung will replace actor Bae Sung-Woo and play the character of Park Sam-Soo.

Bae Sung-Woo was cited for DWI in November, 2020 and this led to him recently dropping out of the drama series. Bae Sung-Woo filmed scenes up to ep.16 of the drama series. Actor Jung Woo-Sung will take over the character of Park Sam-Soo from ep.17 to ep.20. This is Jung Woo-Sung’s first drama series performance since 2011 JTBC drama series “Padam Padam.” Actor Lee Jung-Jae was first in discussion to take over the character of Park Sam-Soo, but his schedule did not allow him to take the role. Jung Woo-Sung, Lee Jung-Jae, and Bae Sung-Woo all belong to the same management company “Artist Company.”

The next epsisode, ep.13, of “Delayed Justice” will air Friday, January 8, 2020 in South Korea.

Dec 18 2020

Park Bo-Young & Seo In-Guk cast for in tvN drama “One day, Destruction Entered The Front Door Of My House”

Park Bo-Young and Seo In-Guk are cast for lead roles in tvN drama series “One day, Destruction Entered The Front Door Of My House” (literal titile). Lee Soo-HyukKang Tae-Oh and Shin Do-Hyun are cast for major supporting character roles. The drama series features a fantasy-romance script with Seo In-Guk playing a character named Myeol-Mang. His name also means destruction in Korean and he is an intermediary between God and humans.

“One day, Destruction Entered The Front Door Of My House” first airs sometime during the first half of 2021 in South Korea.

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