Mar 24 2021

Teaser trailer 2 & teaser poster for KBS2 drama “Sell Your Haunted House”

Teaser trailer #2 and new teaser poster added for KBS2 drama series “Sell Your Haunted House” (English title) starring Jang Na-Ra & Jung Yong-Hwa. Teaser trailer #2 has narration that goes (0:05) Jung Yong-Hwa “Let’s see. Record which exorcized ghost,” (0:10) Jung Yong-Hwa “Talking about ghosts. What a ridiculous thing,” (0:30) Jang Na-Ra “Did you come here to sell your house?,” (0:35) Jung Yong-Hwa “Who’s that woman. Is she crazy?” Above is a new teaser poster for the drama series.

“Sell Your Haunted House” first airs April 14, 2021 in South Korea.

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Mar 22 2021

Teaser trailer for SBS drama “Taxi Driver”

Teaser trailer #1 added for SBS drama series “Taxi Driver” starring Lee Je-Hoon & Esom. The teaser trailer begins with Lee Je-Hoon asking “Can you tell me? Why are you so badly resentful?” Meanwhile, above are still images from the drama series. The still images are of Lee Je-Hoon, Kim Eui-SungPyo Ye-JinJang Hyuk-Jin, and Bae Yoo-Ram. They play members of a team that carries out a special revenge service via Rainbow Taxi Company.

“Taxi Driver” first airs April 9, 2021 in South Korea.

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Mar 19 2021

Park Eun-Bin & Ro Woon cast in KBS2 drama “Affection”

Park Eun-Bin and Ro Woon (SF9) are cast in KBS2 drama series “Affection” (literal title). The drama series depicts a period romance story, but the crown prince is actually a woman played by Park Eun-Bin. Circumstances led her mother to have her daughter took over the identity of her deceased brother. The drama series is based on 2011-2014 comic “Yeonmo” by Lee So-Young.

Filming is expected to start soon for the drama series and “Affection” will air sometime in the second half of this year.

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Mar 18 2021

Song Kang & Han So-Hee cast in JTBC drama “I Know But”

Song Kang and Han So-Hee are cast for lead roles in JTBC drama series “I Know But” (literal title). The drama series is based on webcomic “Algoitjiman” by Jung Seo. The script will tell a romance story between two university art students who did not plan to fall in love.

“I Know But” airs from June, 2021 in South Korea (takes over JTBC’s Friday & Saturday 11 PM time slot after “Undercover.”).

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