Feb 19 2024

Disney+ to stream “The Tyrant”

Disney+ is now set to stream “The Tyrant,” starring Cha Seung-Won, Kim Sun-Ho, & Kim Kang-Woo, as a 4 episode drama series. The project was originally planned as a theatrical film, but during the editing process a decision was made to release it as a 4 episode drama series. The drama series is written and directed by Park Hoon-Jung (“The Witch: Part 1. The Subversion“). He recently stated that “The Tyrant” is a large scale story and shares a world view similar to his past film “The Witch.”

“The Tyrant” will be avaiable to stream sometime later this year.

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Feb 15 2024

Air date and still images for MBC drama “Chief Detective 1958”

Air date and first still images added for MBC drama series “Chief Detective 1958” starring Lee Je-Hoon. The drama series is a prequel to long running MBC police drama series “”Chief Inspector” that ran from 1971 to 1989. The first still images show Lee Je-Hoon as Detective Park Young-Han. In the first still image below, Detective Park Young-Han stands in front of Jongnam Police Station, Seoul in the year 1958.  Detective Park Young-Han arrived in Seoul from his hometown of Hwangcheon. There, he ranked as the no.1 detective for arresting cattle thieves.

“Chief Detective 1958” is now set to first air April 19, 2024 (takes over MBC’s Friday and Saturday 9:50 PM time slot after “Wonderful World“).

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Feb 15 2024

Teaser trailer and poster for Netflix drama “Chicken Nugget”

Teaser trailer and teaser poster added for Netflix drama series “Chicken Nugget” starring Ryu Seung-Ryong, Ahn Jae-Hong, & Kim You-Jung. The drama series is based on webcomic “Dakgangjeong” by Park Ji-Dok and directed by Lee Byeong-Hun (“Extreme Job“). Caption on the teaser poster states “A new concept comedy that has never existed before in the world.”

“Chicken Nugget” will be available to stream March 15, 2024.

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Feb 14 2024

Main trailer for TVING drama “Pyramid Game”

Main trailer added for TVING drama series “Pyramid Game” starring Bona. The main trailer begins with Shin Seul-Ki as class president Seo Do-A stating “Each person will be ranked from A to D in order of how many votes they receive. This is equal to their rank in class.”  Bona then asks (0:17) “What kind of game is this?,” and (0:24) “Let’s get rid of the Pyramid Game.” When Bona reaches her hand out to Myung Ja-Eun (Yoo Da-In), who has received the lowest grade of F, she states (1:11) “Then I’ll just known down the pyramid.” “Pyramid Game” is based on the webcomic of the same name by Dalggonyak.

“Pyramid Game” will be available to stream from February 29, 2024.

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Feb 13 2024

Main trailer for tvN drama “Wedding Impossible”

Main trailer added for tvN drama series “Wedding Impossible” starring Jun Jong-Seo, Moon Sang-Min, & Kim Do-Wan. The romantic-comedy revolves around a struggling actress (Jun Jong-Seo) who enters into a fake marriage with her best friend (Kim Do-Wan). The brother (Moon Sang-Min) of her best friend suddenly enters into the picture. The main trailer begins with Jun Jong-Seo stating “The one who intends to get married,” followed by Moon Sang-Min “The one who tries to prevent the marriage,” and Jun Jong-Seo & Moon Sang-Min stating together “The impossible mission begins.” Captions in the main trailer states (0:08) “Extra actress is cast as her best friend’s wife role” and (0:17) “Man, who will become her brother-in-law,  appears and he  is absolutely opposed to their marriage.”

“Wedding Impossible” first airs February 26, 2024 in South Korea.

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Feb 9 2024

Teaser trailer & character posters added for tvN drama series “Queen Of Tears”

First teaser trailer & character posters added for tvN drama series “Queen Of Tears” starring Kim Soo-Hyun and Kim Ji-Won. The drama series revolves around the marriage of Queens Group heiress (Kim Ji-Won) and a village chief’s son (Kim Soo-Hyun). The couple must endure a crisis in their marriage. Narration in the first teaser states (0:01) Kim Ji-Won “I never make you cry in your eyes,” (0:03) Kim Soo-Hyun “People said it was the marriage of the century. The marriage between the daughter of Korea’s biggest chaebol and a new employee. Today is our wedding anniversary,” (0:14) Kim Ji-Won “So?,” (0:16) Kim Ji-Won “As of today, all the such rumors will disappear,” (0:20) Kim Soo-Hyun “We got married, because we are in love. But, why don’t we love after we got married?,” (0:27) Kim Soo-Hyun “You said that you wouldn’t make me cry,” (0:27) Kim Soo-Hyun “So, I’m going to get a divorce.” The character posters above and below are of Kim Soo-Hyun as Baek Hyun-Woo and Kim Ji-Won as Hong Hae-In.

“Queen Of Tears” will first air March 9, 2024 in South Korea (takes over tvN’s Saturday & Sunday 9:20 PM time slot after “Captivating The King“).

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Feb 8 2024

Teaser trailer for ENA drama “Nightly Photo Studio”

First teaser trailer added for ENA drama series “Nightly Photo Studio” (literal title) starring Joo Won & Kwon Na-Ra. The fantasy based drama series revolves around a photo studio that exclusively serves ghosts as its customers. The teaser trailer has Joo Won stating (0:12) “Then I will take a picture,” (0:17) “Dear ghost customers,” (0:23) “Nightly photo studio that opens only at night.”

“Nightly Photo Studio” first airs March 11, 2024 in South Korea.

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Feb 6 2024

Teaser poster for JTBC-Coupang Play drama “Hide”

First teaser poster for JTBC-Coupang Play drama series “Hide” starring Lee Bo-Young, Lee Mu-Saeng, & Lee Chung-Ah. The teaser poster features Lee Bo-Young as Na Moon-Young. She is looking into the disappearance of her husband. Caption on the poster states “Just one week, until the perfect life falls apart.”

“Hide” will first air March 23, 2024 via JTBC in their Saturday and Sunday 10:30 time slot after “Doctor Slump.” The drama series will also stream via Coupang Play in South Korea.

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