Apr 3 2024

Sol Kyung-Gu & Park Eun-Bin, cast in drama “Hyper Knife”

Sol Kyung-Gu, Park Eun-Bin, Park Byung-Eun, and Yoon Chan-Young are cast in new drama series “Hyper Knife.” The drama series is setup as a medical-crime-thriller. Sol Kyung-Gu will play Deok-Hee, who is the best neurosurgeon in the world. Park Eun-Bin will play genius doctor Se-Ok. Due to a conflict with Deok-Hee, Se-Ok’s career plummeted to the point that she now works as a shadow doctor in illegal operation facility.

Air date and broadcast/OTT platform for the drama series has not yet been decided.

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Apr 2 2024

Kim Da-Mi and Son Suk-Ku cast in Disney+ drama “Nine Puzzles”

Kim Da-Mi and Son Suk-Ku are cast in Disney+ drama series “Nine Puzzles.” The drama series will revolve around a serial murder case with Kim Da-Mi playing criminal profiler Yi-Na and Son Suk-Ku playing violent crime team detective Han-Saem. About 10 years ago, Yi-Na’s uncle was a victim in a serial murder case and she was the only witness. At that time, Detective Han Saem was convinced that Yi-Na was culprit. Now, 10 years later they work together on a serial murder case that has started again.

“Nine Puzzles” will be available to stream 2025.

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Apr 2 2024

Trailer and poster for Disney+ drama “Uncle Sam-Sik”

Opening trailer and poster added for Disney+ drama series “Uncle Sam-Sik” starring Song Kang-Ho. The drama series is Song Kang-Ho’s first appearance in a drama series and written and directed by Shin Youn-Shick (“Rough Play“). Narration in the trailer goes (0:01) student “Who is Uncle Sam-Sik?,” (0:09) various voices “Sam-Sik, Uncle Sam-Sik,” (0:10) Jin Ki-Joo “You are Uncle Sam-Sik, aren’t you?,” (0:11) Byun Yo-Han  “What does Sam-Sik mean?,” (0:14) anonymous voice “Even during the war, he fed his family three meals a day. His family never starved,” (0:21) Song Kang-Ho “Everyone calls me that out of love and respect. I like it so much. It’s my nickname.”

“Uncle Sam-Sik” will be available to stream from May 15, 2024.

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Apr 1 2024

Main trailer for movie “The Roundup: Punishment”

Main trailer for movie “The Roundup: Punishment” starring Ma Dong-Seok & Kim Moo-Yul. Movie is the fourth installment in “The Outlaws” franchise following 2017 movie “The Outlaws,” 2022 movie “The Roundup,” and 2023 movie “The Roundup: No Way Out.” Captions in the main trailer states (0:11) “Without borders,” (0:19) “Global crime,” and (0:46) “Sweep away without hesitation.” The film held its world premiere at the 74th Berlin International Film Festival this past February.

“The Roundup: Punishment” will be released April 24, 2024 in South Korea.

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Mar 29 2024

Teaser poster & release date for Netflix drama “Goodbye Earth”

Teaser poster and release date set for Netflix drama series “Goodbye Earth” starring Ahn Eun-Jin and Yoo Ah-In. Caption on the teaser poster states “We are waiting for the end. Disaster breaking news. A collision is expected around the Korean peninsula. There is no way to avoid it.” The drama series is based on 2006 novel “Shumatsu no Fool” by Kotaro Isaka and revolves around an asteroid that is set to crash into the world in 200 days.

“Goodbye Earth” will be available to stream April 26, 2024. The release date was delayed from sometime in 2023 due to lead actor Yoo Ah-In’s scandal involving drug use. His trial is currently ongoing.

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Mar 28 2024

Shin Hyun-Bin & Moon Sang-Min cast in Coupang Play drama “Cinderella at 2 AM.”

Shin Hyun-Bin & Moon Sang-Min are cast for lead roles in Coupang Play drama series “Cinderella at 2 AM.” The drama series is setup as a romantic-comedy and is based on web novel “Saebyeok Doo Shiui Cinderella” by Aigome. Shin Hyun-Bin will play team leader Ha Yoon-Seo. She begins to date a younger man who works at the company named Seo Joo-Won (Moon Sang-Min). She later learns that he is the son of the chaebol family that runs the company and his mother wants to her to break up with her son.

“Cinderella at 2 AM” will be available to stream sometime in the second half of this year.

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Mar 28 2024

Teaser trailer & poster for JTBC drama “Frankly Speaking”

First teaser trailer and poster for JTBC drama series “Frankly Speaking” starring Ko Kyoung-Pyo. The drama series will tell a story of a news announcer played by Ko Kyoung-Pyo, who is about to be selected as the next main news anchorman. Narration in the teaser states “Hello everyone. This is JBC noon news. I will say nothing but the truth from my heart. I can’t say things that I don’t mean. Does this make sense?”

“Frankly Speaking” first airs May, 2024 in South Korea (slots into JTBC’s Wednesday & Thursday 9:50 PM period that was previously held by “Queen of Divorce“).

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Mar 27 2024

First still image & air date for tvN drama “The Midnight Romance in Hagwon”

First still image for upcoming tvN drama series “The Midnight Romance in Hagwon” starring Jung Ryeo-Won and Wi Ha-Joon. The romance drama series is set at a private academy where Jung Ryeo-Won plays Instructor Seo Hye-Jin and Wi Ha-Joon plays Instructor Lee Joon-Ho, who was once Seo Hye-Jin’s student. The ep.1 air date for the drama series has also been set for May 11, 2024 in tvN’s Saturday & Sunday 9:20 PM time slot after “Queen Of Tears” finishes. Originally, tvN spin-off drama series “Resident Playbook” was supposed to air from May 11, 2024, but that drama series has been postponed due to the current strike by doctors protesting the Korean government’s push to increase medical school admissions. The strike was first started by medical interns and residents, which “Resident Playbook” will focus on.

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Mar 25 2024

Main trailer for Disney+ drama “Blood Free”

Main trailer added for Disney+ drama series “Blood Free” starring Ju Ji-Hoon and Han Hyo-Joo. The trailer begins with Han Hyo-Joo as CEO Yoon Ja-Yoo stating about her company’s new meat product “Bleeding food is now a thing of the past forever. This is a great achievement by our biotechnology company BF.” Captions in the trailer states (0:50) “To which mankind is subordinated,” (0:54) “Food chain is broken,” (0:58) “Mankind who dreams of a perfect life,” (1:03) “Will you dominate or,” (1:09) “Be dominated?”

“Blood Free” will be available to stream April 10, 2024 in South Korea.

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Mar 20 2024

Main trailer and poster for Netflix drama “Parasyte: The Grey”

Main trailer and poster added for Netflix drama series “Parasyte: The Grey” starring Jeon So-Nee, Koo Gyo-Hwan, & Lee Jung-Hyun. The drama series is based on manga series “Kiseiju” by Hitoshi Iwaaki and features an original screenplay written and directed by Yeon Sang-Ho (“Train To Busan“). The caption on the main poster states “I must fight to survive.”

“Parasyte: The Grey” will be available to stream April 5, 2024 in South Korea.

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