Dec 16 2015

Kim Jae-Wook cast in movie “Princess Deokhye”

Actor Kim Jae-Wook is cast in upcoming movie “Princess Deokhye” (literal title) starring Son Ye-Jin & Park Hae-Il. Movie is based on 2009 novel “Deokhyeongjoo” by Kwon Bi-Young and directed by Hur Jin-ho (“Christmas in August“/”A Good Rain Knows“).

In movie “Princess Deokhye,” Kim Jae-Wook will play Dakeyuki So. His character is the husband of Princess Deokhye (Son Ye-Jin). Even though they were married by force, he tries to keep a family. He and Jang Han (Park Hae-Il) have tension over Princess Deokhye. Kim Jae-Wook’s character is Japanese and all of his dialogue are spoken in Japanese.

“Princess Deokhye” will be released sometime next year in South Korea.

Dec 16 2015

Takaya Kamikawa & Atsuro Watabe cast in WOWOW drama series “Shizumanu Taiyo”

Takaya Kamikawa & Atsuro Watabe are cast in new WOWOW drama series “Shizumanu Taiyo.” The drama series consists of 20 episodes which is the longest yet for WOWOW and is based on 1995 novel “Shizumanu Taiyo” by Toyoko Yamasaki. 2009 movie “The Unbroken” is also based on the same novel. Story for the drama series is set an airline company which attempts to recover from a recent airplane crash and rampant corruption at the company.

“Shizumanu Taiyo” first airs sometime this spring in Japan.


Dec 15 2015

Lee Sung-Min cast in movie “Real”

Actor Lee Sung-Min is cast in upcoming movie “Real” starring Kim Soo-Hyun. Movie is written and directed by Lee Jung-Sub. Lee Sung-Min’s character hasn’t been reveal for movie “Real,” but his character plays an important role in the film.

Meanwhile, Kim Soo-Hyun plays main character Jang Tae-Young. His character is a popular troubleshooter for clients from the underground (criminals). Filming for “Real” was originally scheduled to begin October, 2015, but, due to financing negotiations with Alibaba Pictures Group in China, filming is now scheduled to begin January, 2016.

Dec 15 2015

Kankuro Nakamura, Tori Matsuzaka, Yuko Oshima cast in movie “Sanada Ten Braves”

Kankuro Nakamura, Tori Matsuzaka & Yuko Oshima (ex-AKB48 member) are all cast in new movie “Sanada Ten Braves.” The movie is based on the 2014 stage play “Sanada Juyushi” which Kankuro Nakamura & Tori Matsuzaka performed in. Director Yukihiko Tsutsumi and screenwriter Nozomi Makino also took part in the stage play and will perform same duties in the movie “Sanada Ten Braves.” Story for the film is set at the end of the Sengoku period and follows 10 ninja members who all serve under samurai Yukimura Sanada (real historical figure).

“Sanada Ten Braves” will be released September, 2016 in Japan.