Jan 13 2021

First two teaser trailers for SBS drama “Penthouse 2”

First two teaser trailers added for SBS drama series “Penthouse 2” starring Lee Ji-Ah, Kim So-Yeon, & Eugene. The drama series is the second season for hit drama series “Penthouse,” which is planned to have three seasons. In the first teaser trailer narration goes (0:01) Uhm Ki-Joon “I feel like I met the other half of my soul,” (0:02) Kim So-Yeon “Oh Yoon-Hee,” (0:03) Eugene “Why are you so scared? Cheon So-Jin,” (0:18) Lee Ji-Ah “I haven’t started anything yet.”

“Penthouse 2” first airs February 19, 2021 (takes over SBS’ Friday and Saturday 10PM time slot after “Delayed Justice.”).

Jan 13 2021

Ep.1 air date & first still imagesfor KBS2 drama “Dear M”

Ep.1 air date and first still images added for KBS2 drama series “Dear M” starring Park Hye-Soo, Jaehyun, Roh Jeong-Eui, and Bae Hyun-Sung. The still images above are of the four lead performers in the drama series. Story for the drama series revolves around a post made on a community forum for a university website. The title of the post is “Dear My First Love,” but the identity of the author and who the first love is a mystery. Ma Joo-A (Park Hye-Soo) and Cha Min-Ho (Jaehyun) have been friend for 12 years. Seo Ji-Min (Roh Jeong-Eui) and Park Ha-Neul (Bae Hyun-Sung) are in romantic a relationship.  

“Dear M” is now set to first air February 26, 2021 in South Korea. The drama series will air once week on Fridays at 11:10PM.

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Jan 12 2021

Son Na-Eun cast in drama “Human Disqualification”

Son Na-Eun (‘A Pink’) is cast in drama series “Human Disqualification” (literal title) starring Jeon Do-Yeon & Ryoo Joon-Yeol. The drama series will center around a 40-year-old woman and a 27-year-old man. More information about Son Na-Eun’s role will be revealed at a later date. Son Na-Eun’s most recent work was as the second lead female character in MBC drama series “Dinner Mate.” “Human Disqualification” will be directed by well known movie director Hur Jin-Ho (“Christmas in August“).

Air date and broadcasting network for “Human Disqualification” has yet to be decided.

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Jan 9 2021

Teaser trailer #1 for tvN drama series “Mouse”

Teaser trailer #1 added for tvN drama series “Mouse” starring Lee Seung-Gi, Lee Hee-Joon & Park Joo-Hyun. Only child actor Kim Kang-Hoon appears in the teaser trailer. He plays the young version of main character  Jung Ba-Reum (Lee Seung-Gi). Narration provided by Kim Kang-Hoon in the teaser states (0:01) “Prayed to God,” (0:03) “Please,” (0:04) “Don’t let me be a monster.”

“Mouse” first airs February, 2021 in South Korea.

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Jan 8 2021

Title for Song Hye-Kyo drama picks up title of “The Glory”

Title for upcoming Song Hye-Kyo led drama series has picked up the title of “The Glory.” The drama series pairs her up again with screenwriter Kim Eun-Sook who worked with her in 2016 KBS2 drama series “Descendants of the Sun.” Kim Eun-Sook has also written such landmark drama series titles as “Mr. Sunshine,” “Guardian: The Lonely and Great God,” and “Secret Garden.” The story for “The Glory” will revolve around around a woman who dropped out of high school because of school bullying and has planned revenge since that day. She purposely becomes the homeroom teacher of a child, whose mother was the leader of school bullies.

“The Glory” will consist of 8 episodes in its initial season and is planned to have multiple seasons. The drama series will also air as a completed pre-production. Network which will broadcast the drama series has not yet been decided.

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Jan 8 2021

First teaser trailer for JTBC drama “Monster”

First teaser trailer added for JTBC drama series “Monster” (literal title) starring Shin Ha-Kyun & Yeo Jin-Goo. The first teaser trailer has captions at the 33 second mark that asks “Who is the monster among us? Dialogue in the teaser goes (0:01) Shin Ha-Kyun “I killed a man,” (0:04) Yeo Jin-Goo “How?,” (0:11) Yeo Jin-Goo “How did you kill?,” (0:21) Shin Ha-Kyun “There is no secret here,” (0:26) Shin Ha-Kyun “Someone is watching everything from somewhere,” (0:37) Yeo Jin-Goo “Who killed?”

The teaser trailer also reveals that “Monster” will first air February, 2021 in South Korea.

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Jan 7 2021

Seo Hyun-Jin & Kim Dong-Wook cast in tvN drama “You Are My Spring”

Seo Hyun-Jin and Kim Dong-Wook are cast in tvN drama series “You Are My Spring” (literal title).  Yoon Park and Nam Gyu-Ri are also cast for major supporting roles. In the drama series, Seo Hyun-Jin will play Kang Da-Jung. She works as a hotel concierge. Kim Dong-Wook will play Joo Young-Do. He works as a psychiatrist. They live in the same apartment building and a murder takes place there.

“You Are My Spring” will first air sometime during the first half of this year in South Korea.

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