Aug 26 2020

Song Kang-Ho, Gang Dong-Won, & Bae Doo-Na are cast in movie “Broker”

Song Kang-HoGang Dong-Won, and Bae Doo-Na are cast in movie “Broker” directed by Hirokazu Koreeda. For award winning Japanese director Hirokazu Koreeda, “Broker” is the first Korean film that he will direct. The film is produced by Zip Cinema and investments & distribution handled by CJ Entertainment. Hirokazu Koreeda has been planning for the film for 5 years and he is currently working on the script. Hirokazu Koreeda and actress Bae Doo-Na previously collaborated in 2009 film “Air Doll.”

Filming for “Broker” will begin sometime next year.

Aug 21 2020

Jung Woo-Sung cast in movie “Hunt”

Jung Woo-Sung is cast in movie “Hunt” co-starring Lee Jung-Jae. The film is also the first film directed by Lee Jung-Jae. Jung Woo-Sung and Lee Jung-Jae are longtime friends and they worked together in 1998 film “City of the Rising Sun.” For movie “Hunt,” Jung Woo-Sung will play NSA Agent Kim Jung-Do. He works with rival NSA Agent Park Pyeong-Ho (Lee Jung-Jae) to capture a North Korean spy manger in South Korea.

Filming for “Hunt” will begin 2021.

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Aug 19 2020

Main trailer for movie “Diva”

Main trailer added for mystery-thriller film “Diva” starring Shin Min-A & Lee Yoo-Young. Captions in the main trailer states (0:18) “Longtime friend disappeared,” (0:28) “Do you want my place?,” (1:02) “Place which only one person can have.” Meanwhile, below are still images of Shin Min-A in the film.

“Diva” will be released September, 2020 in South Korea.

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