Jun 15 2020

Teaser trailer & teaser poster for movie “Steel Rain 2: Summit”

Teaser trailer and teaser poster added for movie “Steel Rain 2: Summit” starring Jung Woo-Sung, Kwak Do-Won, and Yoo Yeon-Seok. The film is a sequel to 2017 movie “Steel Rain” and involves the kidnapping of the South Korean president, North Korean leader, and U.S. president. They are then held on a North Korean nuclear submarine.

“Steel Rain 2: Summit” is now set for release sometime this summer in South Korea.

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Jun 11 2020

New release date for movie “Deliver Us From Evil”

Release date for upcoming movie “Deliver Us From Evil,” starring Hwang Jung-Min and Lee Jung-Jae, has been pushed back to August, 2020 in South Korea. The film was originally targeted with a July release date, but with various factors including easing of social distancing rules and summer vacation season coming into play, CJ Entertainment has decided to release the film a month later. The first trailer for the film can be viewed at AsianWiki.

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: A shocking kidnapping case takes place in Thailand. In-Nam (Hwang Jung-Min) just completed his last murder for hire contract as an assassin. He is aware that the kidnapping case is related to him. In-Nam heads to Thailand. There, he meets his helper Yoo-Yi (Park Jung-Min) and they work on the kidnapping case.

Meanwhile, Ray (Lee Jung-Jae) learns that his sibling was assassinated by In-Nam. To take revenge on In-Nam, he heads to Thailand.

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Jun 9 2020

Sol Kyung-Gu & Yu Jun-Sang cast in movie “Boys”

Sol Kyung-Gu and Yu Jun-Sang are cast for lead roles in based-on-a-true-story film “Boys” (literal title). Also cast in the film are Yum Hye-Ran, Jin Kyung, Heo Sung-Tae, Kim Dong-Youn, Yoo Su-Bin and Kim Kyung-Ho. Actor Cho Jin-Woong will also make a cameo appearance in the film. The film will be directed by Chung Ji-Young. Two of his prior films “Unbowed” and “National Security” were also based on true stories. The story for “Boys” will center around 3 boys who are sent to prison for robbery & murder at a supermarket. The boys receive a second trial and are found are not guilty.

Ploy Synopsis by AsianWiki: 3 boys are arrested in a robbery and homicide case, that took place at a supermarket in a small town. The chief of the investigation team at the time, Hwang Joon-Cheol (Sol Kyung-Gu), has doubts about their conviction and begins to reinvestigate the case.

Filming for “Boys” will begin late June, 2020 in South Koera.

Jun 5 2020

See list of winners & nominees at the 56th BaekSang Arts Awards

See list of winners and nominees at the just concluded 56th BaekSang Arts Awards on AsianWiki. This year’s show was hosted by Shin Dong-YubBae SuzyPark Bo-Gum. The big winners in film was Bong Joon-Ho‘s “Parasite” and in drama series “When the Camellia Blooms.” Movie “Parasite” won 3 awards: “Grand Prize,” “Best Film,” and “Best New Actor” (Park Myoung-Hoon). Drama series “When the Camellia Blooms” won 4 awards: “Grand Prize,” “Best Screenplay,” “Best Actor” (Kang Ha-Neul), and “Best Supporting Actor” (Oh Jung-Se). Drama series “The World of the Married” received “Best Actress” for Kim Hee-Ae and “Best Director” for Mo Wan-Il.

Jun 3 2020

Winners of the 2020 Daejong Film Awards

See list of winners and nominees at the just concluded 2020 Daejong Film Awards at AsianWiki. This year’s award ceremony was originally scheduled to air Febraury 25, 2020, but the Covid-19 caused the postponement to June 3, 2020. Not surprisingly, Bong Joon-Ho‘s “Parasite” was the night’s biggest winner with a total of 5 awards including Best Film, Best Director, Best Screenplay and Best Supporting Actress (Lee Jung-Eun). Best Actor award went to Lee Byung-Hun in “Ashfall” and Best Actress award went to Jung Yu-Mi in “Kim Ji-Young: Born 1982.”

May 29 2020

Main trailer for movie “Me and Me”

Main trailer added for mystery film “Me and Me” starring Cho Jin-Woong, Bae Soo-Bin, and Cha Soo-Yeon. Movie is written and directed by veteran actor Jung Jin-Young. Captions in the trailer states (0:08) “Mysterious Fire Accident,” (0:20) “Detective who is digging up the case,” (0:35) “That Night,” (0:38) “Everything changed,” (0:56) “Must find out,” (1:10) “Disappeared time.”

“Me and Me” will be released June 18, 2020 in South Korea.

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May 27 2020

Two teaser posters for movie “Deliver Us From Evil”

Here’s two teaser posters for crime-action-drama film “Deliver Us From Evil” starring Hwang Jung-Min and Lee Jung-Jae. Movie is written and directed by Hong Won-Chan (“Office“). Caption on Hwang Jung-Min’s poster states “Hot chase to save one person” and caption on Lee Jung-Jae’s poster states “Persistent chase to kill one person.” Filming for the movie took place in South Korea, Japan, and Thailand and took place from September 23, 2019 to January 23, 2020.

“Deliver Us From Evil” will be released July, 2020 in South Korea.

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May 26 2020

Main trailer & poster for zombie film “#Alive”

Main trailer and poster for zombie film “#Alive” starring Yoo Ah-In & Park Shin-Hye. Captions in the trailer state (0:11) “In the world they are running amok,” (0:25) “I was left alone,” (0:27) “Data,” (0:28) “Wi-Fi,” (0:30) “Text Message,” (0:31) “Phone,” (0:33) “Everything is disconnected,” (0:54) “We must survive.”

“#Alive” will be released June, 2020 in South Korea.

May 19 2020

Song Joong-Ki & Kim Hye-Jun cast in movie “Season of You and Me”

Song Joong-Ki and Kim Hye-Jun are cast in movie “Season of You and Me” (literal title). They join Jin Seon-Kyu, who is already cast for a co-lead role. The film is based on the lives of two real people: singer-songwriter Yoo Jae-Ha and singer-songwriter Kim Hyun-Sik. For the film Song Joong-Ki will play Yoo Jae-Ha and Kim Hye-Jun will play Yoo Jae-Ha’s first love. Movie will be directed by Jung Da-Won (“Miss & Mrs. Cops“).

Filming for “Season of You and Me” will begin sometime during the second half of this year, as the latter parts of the film is set in late autumn.