Jun 11 2024

Shin Hae-Sun and Lee Jin-Uk cast in romance drama “To My Haeri”

Shin Hae-Sun and Lee Jin-Uk are cast in romance drama series “To My Haeri” (literal title). The healing romance screenplay is written by Han Ga-Ram (“When the Weather is Fine“) and directed by Jung Ji-Hyun (“Twenty Five Twenty One“). For Shin Hae-Sun, she will play a woman with two personalities named Joo Eun-Ho and Joo Hye-Ri. Lee Jin-Uk will play popular announcer Jung Hyun-O, who also carries a deep emotional wound.

“To My Haeri” is expected to air sometime in the second half of this year in South Korea.

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Jun 7 2024

First teaser trailer for SBS drama “Good Partner”

First teaser trailer added for SBS drama series “Good Partner” starring Jang Na-Ra & Nam Ji-Hyun. The drama series features Jang Na-Ra and Nam Ji-Hyun playing attorneys at the same law firm. Narration in the teaser trailer goes (0:01) anonymous voice “As of last month, 3 new recruits have left because of you,” (0:04) Jang Na-Ra “Young people these days are weak,” (0:07) Nam Ji-Hyun “Am I really a new member of the divorce team?,” (0:10) Pyo Ji-Hoon “Congratulations,” (0:15) Jang Na-Ra “Why are you looking at me like that?,” (0:16) Jang Na-Ra “Is that the proof method you thought of?,” (0:18) Jang Na-Ra “What.. are you an apostle of justice?,” (0:21) Jang Na-Ra “Are you a social worker?,” (0:22) Nam Ji-Hyun “Just trust me,” (0:23)
Jang Na-Ra “Just trust me?,” (0:27) Nam Ji-Hyun “You can’t go back into hell,” (0:31) Nam Ji-Hyun “We have to rebuke,” (0:33) Jang Na-Ra “I like you,” (0:38) Nam Ji-Hyun “Me?”

” Good Partner” first airs July 12, 2024 in South Korea.

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Jun 4 2024

Byun Yo-Han, Ko Jun, Go Bo-Gyeol, & Kim Bo-Ra cast in MBC drama “Death to Snow White: Black Out”

Byun Yo-Han, Ko Jun, Go Bo-Gyeol, & Kim Bo-Ra are cast in MBC drama series “Death to Snow White: Black Out” (literal title). The drama series is based on 2010 novel “Snow White Must Die” by German writer Nele Neuhaus. The drama series will be a crime thriller set in a small village where neighbors are like family. Byun Yo-Han will play main character Ko Jung-Woo who grew up in the village. At the end of his high school career, he was suddenly arrested for murdering two of his female classmates. After spending 10 years in jail, he returns to his hometown.

“Death to Snow White: Black Out” will first air August, 2024 in South Korea.

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Jun 3 2024

Jeon Hye-Jin cast in drama series “Riding Life”

Jeon Hye-Jin is cast in new drama series “Riding Life” (literal title). For Jeon Hye-Jin, “Riding Life” will be her first acting role since the death of her husband Lee Sun-Kyun on December 27, 2023. The drama series will revolve around various relationships between family members. Beyond that, more information will be revealed at a later date including more cast members and broadcast network.

Jun 3 2024

First teaser poster & still images for Disney+ drama “Red Swan”

First teaser poster and still images added for upcoming Disney+ drama series “Red Swan” starring Kim Ha-Neul and Rain. Caption on the teaser poster states “Gracefully, everything about them are going to be revealed.”  The drama series, scripted by Choi Yoon-Jung (“Only Love“) and directed by Park Hong-Kyun (“A Korean Odyssey“), will have Kim Ha-Neul play golfer Oh Wan-Soo, who marries into a powerful chaebol family, and Rain will play bodyguard Seo Do-Yoon.

“Red Swan” will be available to stream from July 3, 2024, with 2 episodes per week released on Wednesdays.

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May 31 2024

Teaser trailer and poster for tvN drama “The Auditors”

First teaser trailer and poster added for tvN drama series “The Auditors” starring Shin Ha-Kyun, Lee Jung-Ha, & Jin Goo. The first teaser trailer has dialogue that goes (0:12) Lee Jung-Ha “Really? Is that the legendary audit team leader? and (0:19) Shin Ha-Kyun “I’m going to sweep away all the rats who are ruining the company.”

“The Auditors” will first air July, 2024 in South Korea (will take over tvN’s Sat. & Sun. 9:20 PM time slot after “The Midnight Romance in Hagwon“).

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May 30 2024

Teaser trailer and teaser posters for Netflix drama “The Whirlwind”

Teaser trailer and teaser posters added for Netflix drama series “The Whirlwind” starring Sol Kyung-Gu & Kim Hee-Ae. The political thriller features a face off between Prime Minister Park Dong-Ho (Sol Kyung-Gu), who attempts to assassinate the president, and Deputy Prime Minister of Economic Affairs Jung Soo-Jin (Kim Hee-Ae). Caption on the two teaser posters states “That day, the president’s heart stopped.”

“The Whirlwind ” will be available to stream June 28, 2024.

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May 29 2024

Gianna Jun and Gang Dong-Won cast in Disney+ drama “Tempest”

Gianna Jun and Gang Dong-Won are cast in Disney+ drama series “Tempest” and the drama series is now set to be released sometime next year. The suspense-thriller drama series will feature an original screenplay by Jung Seo-Kyoung (“Little Women“) and directed by Kim Hee-Won (“Little Women“) and Heo Myung-Haeng (“The Roundup: Punishment“). For actor Gang Dong-Won, “Tempest” will mark his first drama series acting role since 2004 SBS drama series “Magic.” Gang Dong-Won is also credited as a producer for the upcoming drama series.

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May 22 2024

Jung Kyoung-Ho cast in MBC drama “Labor Attorney No Mu-Jin”

Jung Kyoung-Ho is cast in new MBC drama series “Labor Attorney No Mu-Jin.” The original screenplay is scripted by Kim Bo-Tong (“D.P.“) & Yoo Seung-Hee (“I Can Speak“) and will have well known movie director Yim Soonrye (“Forever the Moment“) directing her first drama series. Genre for the drama series will feature a mixture of fantasy, comedy, and drama. For Jung Kyoung-Ho, he will play main character No Mu-Jin. He works as a labor attorney, but he doesn’t have a sense of justice. No Mu-Jin somehow begins working on labor cases for ghosts.

” Labor Attorney No Mu-Jin” will air sometime next year in South Korea.

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