Feb 23 2016

Teaser #3 for JTBC drama series “Ms. Temper & Nam Jung-Gi”

A pair of teaser trailers #3 added for upcoming JTBC drama series “Ms. Temper & Nam Jung-Gi” starring Lee Yo-Won and Yoon Sang-Hyun. One of the teaser #3 features Lee Yo-Won as her character Ok Da-Jung. Ok Da-Jung is a hot tempered, high level employee at a cosmetics company. The other teaser #3 features Yoon Sang-Hyun as his character Nam Jung-Gi. His character is timid and afraid to upset to others. The two characters work at the same cosmetics company.

“Ms. Temper & Nam Jung-Gi” first airs March 18, 2016.

Feb 23 2016

Lee Kwang-Soo offered lead role in KBS2 drama series “The Sound of Heart”

Lee Kwang-Soo has been offered the lead role in upcoming KBS2 drama series “The Sound of Heart” (literal title). The drama series is based on autobiographical webcomic “Maeumui Sori” by Jo Suk. Lee Kwang-Soo is currently “positively considering” the offer. If he accepts, he will play the main character of Jo Suk. Prior to airing sometime this summer on KBS2, the drama series will stream first on Naver tvcast with 10 episodes running for 10 minutes each.

Feb 23 2016

Minho & Do Ji-Han cast in KBS2 drama series “Hwarang: The Beginning”

Minho from idol group ‘SHINee’ and Do Ji-Han are cast in supporting roles for upcoming KBS2 drama series “Hwarang: The Beginning.” The drama series stars Park Seo-Joon, Go Ara  and Park Hyung-Sik (‘ZE:A’).

In drama series “Hwarang: The Beginning,” Minho will play Soo-Ho. He is the successor of a noble family. Soo-Ho has a strong sense of justice and leadership abilities. He also has a bright and positive personality. Meanwhile, Do Ji-Han will play Ban-Ryoo. His character also comes from a noble family. He is smart and proud of himself.

Filming for “Hwarang: The Beginning” will begin in the first half of this year and the drama series will air sometime in the second half of this year in South Korea.

Filming begins first half, 2016 and airs second half, 2016.

Feb 22 2016

First still images of Lee Jin-Wook in MBC drama series “Goodbye Mr. Black”

Here’s the first still images of Lee Jin-Wook in upcoming MBC drama series “Goodbye Mr. Black” also starring Moon Chae-Won, Kim Kang-Woo and Yu In-Young. Filming for this scene took place January, 2016 in Bangkok, Thailand.

In drama series “Goodbye Mr. Black,” Lee Jin-Wook plays Cha Ji-Won. He is a UDT officer for the Navy Special Operations Force. Cha Ji-Won is betrayed by his friend and dreams of taking revenge on his former friend.

“Goodbye Mr. Black” first airs March 16, 2016 in South Korea.