Oct 20 2015

Park Min-Young cast in SBS drama “Remember”

Actress Park Min-Young is cast in upcoming SBS drama series “Remember” which has already cast Yoo Seung-Ho in the lead male role. Also cast in the drama series is actor Park Sung-Woong.

In drama series “Remember,” Park Min-Young plays Lee In-A. Her character has a bright and positive personality. While thinking about quitting her studies of law at a university, she sees Jin-Woo’s (Yoo Seung-Ho) father get falsely accused of murder. This becomes a turning point in her life. She eventually becomes a lawyer and helps Jin-Woo, whom she has known since they were young, prove his father’s innocence.

“Remember” first airs this December in South Korea.

Oct 20 2015

Yu Aoi cast in movie “A Lonely Girl Has Gone”

Actress Yu Aoi is cast in new movie “A Lonely Girl Has Gone.” This is her first time playing the main character in a film since 2008 film “One Million Yen and the Nigamushi Woman.” Movie “A Lonely Girl Has Gone” is based on novel”Azumi Haruko wa Yukuefumei” by Mariko Yamauchi and directed by Daigo Matsui (“Afro Tanaka“/”Sweet Poolside“). Story for the film has Yu Aoi playing a 28-year-old woman who works at an office. She disappears on a normal street with a lot of shops. After her disappearance, parody scribbles of her missing poster spreads.

Filming for “A Lonely Girl Has Gone” finished October 2 and the movie will be released sometime next year in Japan.

Oct 20 2015

Teaser trailer for movie “The Sound of a Flower”

Teaser trailer added for movie “The Sound of a Flower” starring Ryoo Seung-Ryong, Bae Suzy (‘Miss A’), Kim Nam-Gil & Song Sae-Byeok. Movie is directed by Lee Jong-Pil (“Born to Sing“). Story for the film follows a teacher (Ryoo Seung-Ryong) of pansori and a woman (Bae Suzy) who has a natural gift for the art, but is unable to perform because of her gender. She risks her life by taking the appearance of a man to sing pansori and the teacher risks his life to teach her the art of pansori.

In addition, release date for “The Sound of a Flower” is now set for November 25, 2015 in South Korea.

Oct 19 2015

Tomoya Nagase cast in live-action Fuji TV drama series “Fragile”

Tomoya Nagase from rock group ‘TOKIO’ is cast in new live-action Fuji TV drama series “Fragile.” The drama series is based on manga “Fragile” by Bin Kusamizu and directed by Junichi Ishikawa (“Strawberry Night“/”Legal High“).

In live-action drama series “Fragile,” Tomoya Nagase plays a self-absorbed pathologist with the unusual ability to make a diagnosis without seeing his patients.

“Fragile” first airs January 13, 2016 in Japan.

Oct 19 2015

MBC drama series “Goodbye Mr. Black” to air March or April 2016

According to MBC, upcoming drama series “Goodbye Mr. Black,” starring Lee Jin-Wook, Moon Chae-Won, Song Jae-Rim & Kim Kang-Woo, will begin to air in either March or early April, 2016. “Goodbye Mr. Black” is based on comic “Goodbye Mr. Black” by Hwang Mi-Na which is itself inspired by French author Alexandre Dumas’s novel “The Count of Monte Cristo.”  “Goodbye Mr. Black” will air Wednesday and Thursday at 10PM. The MBC drama series preceding “Goodbye Mr. Black” has not yet been announced.

Oct 19 2015

Lee Jung-Jae cast in Korean War film “Operation Chromite”

Actor Lee Jung-Jae is now cast in upcoming South Korean war film “Operation Chromite.” U.S. actor Liam Neeson and South Korean actor Lee Beom-Soo are already cast for the film. Movie “Operation Chromite” will be directed by John H. Lee.

Movie “Operation Chromite” follows U.S. General Douglas MacArthur (Liam Neeson) and 8 South Korean troop members as they take part in the covert “X-ray” operation. The “X-ray” operation proceeds the “Incheon Landing Operation” if successful.

Filming for “Operation Chromite” begins 2nd half of this year in South Korea.