September 4 2017

First day of filming still images from SBS drama series “While You Were Sleeping”

Here’s the first 3 still images from upcoming SBS drama series “While You Were Sleeping” starring Lee Jong-Suk and Bae Suzy. The still images are from their first day of filming for the drama series, which took place March 2, 2017 in Seoul, South Korea. Story for the drama series follows Nam Hong-Joo (Bae Suzy) who sees accidents taking place in the future in her dreams and a prosecutor, Jung Jae-Chan (Lee Jong-Suk), who struggles to stop her dreams from becoming real. Ironically, the scene actually has Jung Jae-Chan falling asleep on the shoulder of Nam Hong-Joo.

“While You Were Sleeping” first airs September 27, 2017 in South Korea.

12 Responses to “First day of filming still images from SBS drama series “While You Were Sleeping””

  1. Prachi Rawat

    Eagerly waiting…..❀😍😍😍😘😘

  2. Flozy

    Can’t wait to watch this..
    Lee jong-suk and Bar Suzy

  3. Khushbu khana

    But one problem is there
    How we understood their language
    Oh a big issue

  4. Justine may valentino

    I’ve been waiting for so long for this kdrama i really can’t wait for it

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