Dec 15 2015

Kankuro Nakamura, Tori Matsuzaka, Yuko Oshima cast in movie “Sanada Ten Braves”

Kankuro Nakamura, Tori Matsuzaka & Yuko Oshima (ex-AKB48 member) are all cast in new movie “Sanada Ten Braves.” The movie is based on the 2014 stage play “Sanada Juyushi” which Kankuro Nakamura & Tori Matsuzaka performed in. Director Yukihiko Tsutsumi and screenwriter Nozomi Makino also took part in the stage play and will perform same duties in the movie “Sanada Ten Braves.” Story for the film is set at the end of the Sengoku period and follows 10 ninja members who all serve under samurai Yukimura Sanada (real historical figure).

“Sanada Ten Braves” will be released September, 2016 in Japan.

Dec 12 2015

Trailer for zombie film “I Am a Hero”

Trailer added for upcoming film “I Am a Hero” starring Yo Oizumi, Masami Nagasawa & Kasumi Arimura. Movie is based on 2009 novel “I Am a Hero” by Kengo Hanazawa and directed by Shinsuke Sato (“Gantz“).

In movie “I Am a Hero,” a virus epidemic occurs with victims turning into zombies with superhuman strength. Yo Oizumi and Kasumi Arimura play characters who attempt to flee the city, but the girl was already bitten by a zombie. Masami Nagasawa plays a nurse attempting to draw an antibody form the girl.

“I Am a Hero” will be released April 23, 2016 in Japan.

Dec 11 2015

Kenichi Matsuyama cast in live-action film “Chinyuki”

Actor Kenichi Matsuyama is cast in upcoming live-action film “Chinyuki.” The live-action film is based on manga series “Chinyuki – Taro to Yukaina Nakama tachi” by Gataro Man and directed by Yudai Yamaguchi (“Abductee“). The manga itself is a parody of well known 16th century Chinese novel “Journey to the West.”

Premise for the film follows a monk as he travels to India. Along the way, he stops at a house and is introduced to their son (Kenichi Matsuyama) who is a troublemaker with magical powers. The parents asks the monk to help reform their troublemaker son and the monk takes him to India.

“Chinyuki” will be released February 27, 2016 in Japan.


Dec 10 2015

Mizuki Yamamoto cast in horror film “Sadako vs. Kayako” + teaser trailer

Actress Mizuki Yamamoto is cast in upcoming horror film “Sadako vs. Kayako.” Sadako is the main horror figure in the “Ring” horror films, while Kayako is the main horror figure in the “Ju-On” horror films. For movie “Sadako vs. Kayako,” Mizuki Yamamoto will play main character Yuri Kurahashi. Her character is stuck between the horror figures Sadako and Kayako.

In addition, first teaser trailer for “Sadako vs. Kayako” has been added at AsianWiki. “Sadako vs. Kayako” will be released May 12, 2012.

Dec 10 2015

teaser trailer and posters for movie “Godzilla Resurgence”

First teaser trailer and teaser posters added for upcoming kaiju film “Godzilla Resurgence” starring Hiroki Hasegawa, Yutaka Takenouchi & Satomi Ishihara. Movie is directed by Shinji Higuchi who is no stranger to movies featuring large creatures as his prior two directed films were “Attack on Titan” and “Attack on Titan: End of the World.” Screenplay is handled by Hideaki Anno (“Evangelion“/”Cutie Honey“). The Godzilla featured in movie “Godzilla Resurgence” is the tallest Godzilla yet, estimated at about 118.5 meters (388 feet).

Release date for “Godzilla Resurgence” is now set for July 29, 2016 in Japan.

Dec 10 2015

Teaser trailer for movie “Tono, Risoku de Gozaru”

Teaser trailer added for upcoming movie “Tono, Risoku de Gozaru” starring Sadao Abe, Eita, Satoshi Tsumabuki, Karen Iwata (AKB48), Yuko Takeuchi & Ryuhei Matsuda. Movie is based on a story from 2012 novel “Mushi no Nihonjin” by Michifumi Isoda (also wrote the original novel that was adapted in movie “Abacus and Sword”). Movie is directed by Yoshihiro Nakamura (“The Snow White Murder Case“).

“Tono, Risoku de Gozaru” will be released May 14, 2016 in Japan.

Dec 8 2015

Lisa Oda cast in live-action film “Himitsu The Top Secret”

Actress/model Lisa Oda is cast as the heroine in upcoming live-action film “Himitsu The Top Secret” starring Toma Ikuta, Masaki Okada, Chiaki Kuriyama & Nao Omori. Lisa Oda received the lead female role through auditions and this is her first acting performance in a feature length film. In movie  “Himitsu The Top Secret,” Lisa Oda will play Kinuko Tsuyuguchi. Her character is the daughter of a man who was executed for murdering a family. She is a mysterious girl who holds a key to the story.

“Himitsu The Top Secret” will be released in August, 2016 in Japan.