Mar 18 2016

Junichi Okada, Shun Oguri, Tasuku Emoto cast in “Tsuioku”

Junichi Okada, Shun Oguri, Tasuku Emoto are cast in new movie “Tsuioku.” Also cast for the film are Masami Nagasawa, Fumino Kimura, Sakura Ando & Hidetaka Yoshioka. Movie will be directed by Yasuo Furuhata (“Dearest“).

Premise for the film follows three adults who were childhood friends. They reunite, but due to a memory case. Atsushi Shikata (Junichi Okada) is now a detective, Keita Tadokoro (Shun Oguri) a suspect and Satoshi Kawabata (Tasuku Emoto) victim.

Filming for “Tsuioku” will begin March 17 in Japan.

Mar 17 2016

Shori Sato & Kanna Hashimoto cast in movie “Haruchika”

Shori Sato (‘Sexy Zone’) and Kanna Hashimoto (‘Rev. from DVL’) are cast in movie “Haruchika.” Movie is based on popular mystery novel series “Haruchika” by Sei Hatsuno and will be directed by Masahide Ichii (“Blindly in Love“).

Story for “Haruchika” revolves around two childhood friends who are reunited in high school. They share interest in the wind instrument club, but the club is soon to be shuttered. The girl (played by Kanna Hashimoto) then recruits members of the wind instrument club to help them solve mystery cases at the school and also take part in a contest.

Filming for “Haruchika” begins next month in Japan.

Mar 17 2016

Satoshi Tsumabuki and Hikari Mitsushima cast in movie “Guko Roku”

Satoshi Tsumabuki and Hikari Mitsushima are cast in new movie “Guko Roku.” Movie is based on 2006 novel “Guko Roku” by Tokuro Nukui and directed by Kei Ishikawa. Movie is the first film directed by Kei Ishikawa.

In mystery-suspense film “Guko Roku,” Satoshi Tsumabuki plays Tanaka. His character works as a reporter. He begins to investigate a year old unsolved murder case involving a family. Hikari Mitsushima plays Mitsuko who is Tanaka’s younger sister.

“Guko Roku” will be released sometime next year in Japan.

Mar 16 2016

Ryunosuke Kamiki cast in live-action film “March Comes in Like a Lion”

Ryunosuke Kamiki is cast in upcoming live-action film “March Comes in Like a Lion.” Movie is based on manga series “San gatsu no Lion” by Chica Umino and directed by Keishi Ohtomo. Ryunosuke Kamiki and director Keishi Ohtomo previously collaborated in movies “Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno” and “Rurouni Kenshin: The Legend Ends.

Story for “March Comes in Like a Lion” features Ryunosuke Kamiki playing 17-year-old Rei Kiriyama. His character is a professional Japanese chess player and has been a professional since his middle school days. After interacting with his neighbors, including three sisters, Rei Kiriyama is able to grow as a chess player and person.

“March Comes in Like a Lion” will be released in two pars with the film seeing its release sometime in 2017.

Mar 15 2016

Ryo Ryusei & Rio Uchida cast in sequel film “Bros. Max Man”

Ryo Ryusei & Rio Uchida are cast in sequel film “Bros. Max Man.” Movie follows 2015 film “Mr. Max Man” which starred Yudai Chiba and Mizuki Yamamoto.

In movie “Bros. Max Man,” Ryo Rusei plays Hideo Taniguchi. His character is the younger brother of Masayoshi Taniguchi (Yudai Chiba) from the first film. Hideo Taniguchi works at the same broadcasting station as his brother and has a crush on co-worker Rina Igarashi (Rio Uchida). Hideo Taniguchi also turns into a hero and fights for justice.


Mar 14 2016

Sairi Itoh & Taishi Nakagawa cast in movie “My Nickname is Butatchi”

Sairi Itoh & Taishi Nakagawa are cast in upcoming movie “My Nickname is Butatchi.” Movie is based on novel “Watashi no Adana wa Butatchi” by Anna and directed by Ken Iizuka (“Arakawa Under the Bridge“). Story for the film revolves around two high school students who have been friends since their childhood days. The boy nicknamed the girl “Butatchi” as a young child.

“My Nickname is Butatchi” will be released July 2, 2016 in Japan.