Feb 17 2021

99.9 Criminal Lawyer: The Movie

Teaser trailer added for movie “99.9 Criminal Lawyer: The Movie” starring Jun Matsumoto & Teruyuki Kagawa. The film is a sequel to 2016 TBS drama series “99.9 Criminal Lawyer” and 2018 TBS sequel drama series “99.9 Criminal Lawyer Season II.” Jun Matsumoto & Teruyuki Kagawa appeared in both seasons of the drama series and their appearance in the movie was announced today as well. They will both reprise their respective characters from the drama series. Casting for the lead female role will be announced at a later date.

“99.9 Criminal Lawyer: The Movie” will be released winter, 2021 in Japan.

Feb 16 2021

Yo Yoshida & Jun Kunimura cast in TV Tokyo drama “Ikiru Toka Shinu Toka Chichioya Toka”

Yo Yoshida and Jun Kunimura are cast for lead roles in TV Tokyo drama series “Ikiru Toka Shinu Toka Chichioya Toka.” The drama series is based on essay Ikiru Toka Shinu Toka Chichioya Toka” by Jane Su. For the drama series, Yo Yoshida and Jun Kunimura  will play daughter and father. The daughter decides to write an essay about her father.

“Ikiru Toka Shinu Toka Chichioya Toka” first airs April 9, 2021 in Japan.

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Feb 15 2021

Do Kyung-Soo cast in movie “Secret”

Do Kyung-Soo (‘EXO’) is cast for the lead male role in movie “Secret” (literal title “Unspeakable Secret”). The film is a remake of 2007 Taiwanese movie “Secret” starring Jay Chou & Gwei Lun-Mei. The remake film will be directed by Seo Yoo-Min (screenwriter of “April Snow“/”You Call It Passion“). For “Secret,” Do Kyung-Soo will play a high school student, who transfers to a new school.

Filming for “Secret” will begin in the second half of this year. Casting for the lead actress will take place through auditions that will be held.

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Feb 15 2021

Hina Yukawa cast in WOWOW drama “FM999: 999 Women’s Songs”

Hina Yukawa is cast for the lead role in WOWOW drama series “FM999: 999 Women’s Songs.” Also cast for the drama series are Takashi OkabeYuki Kura and Tarako. The drama series will also have Rie MiyazawaRina OhtaSerena MotolaMariko GotoRie TomosakaAoi YamadaToko Miura and Yuriyan Retriever. The quirky drama series will have Hina Yukawa playing 16-year-old Kiyomi Koike. She hears a DJ in her mind, who spins music for her situations.

“FM999: 999 Women’s Songs” first airs March 29, 2021 in Japan.

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