December 16 2020

Kim Tae-Hoon & Yoon Ji-Hye cast in tvN drama “Like Butterfly”

Kim Tae-Hoon and Yoon Ji-Hye are cast for supporting roles in tvN drama series “Like Butterfly” starring Song Kang & Park In-Hwan. The drama series revolves around a 70-year-old man (Park In-Hwan) who decides to pursue his dream of becoming a ballet dancer and a young man (Song Kang) who teaches ballet. Kim Tae-Hoon and Yoon Ji-Hye will play Ki Seung-Joo and Eun So-Ri. They are a divorced couple. Ki Seung-Joo connects the two main characters.

“Like Butterfly” will first air sometime during the first half of 2021 in South Korea.

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: Sim Deok-Chool (Park In-Hwan) has had a life long dreaming of performing ballet. He is 70-years-old and retired from his job as a post office employee. Due to life situations, he put aside his dream of becoming a ballet dancer and worked a normal job to support his family. Now, Sim Deok-Chool makes the decision to pursue his dream again. His family, including his wife and adult children, are not happy with his decision, but Sim Deok-Chool does not waver in pursuing his life long dream. He joins a ballet company to learn ballet. There, he meets Lee Chae-Rok (Song Kang).

Lee Chae-Rok is a 23-year-old man. While growing up, he played different sports like baseball, swimming, and soccer, but he wasn’t talented in any of those activities. He then became interested in ballet. His mother was a ballet dancer, but she died from a disease when Lee Chae-Rok was young. His father later went bankrupt. Lee Chae-Rok learned that he has a talent for ballet, but, after pursuing ballet, he barely has contact with his father and he has a hard time supporting himself financially. Going through hard times, his desire for ballet fades away. At this time, Sim Deok-Chool appears in front of him.

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