April 8 2020

tvN cuts drama series “A Piece of Your Mind” to 12 episodes

tvN has announced that currently airing drama series “A Piece of Your Mind” will be shortened to 12 episodes. The drama series was originally scheduled to have 16 episodes and end on May 12, 2020, but the drama series will now finish on April 28, 2020. tvN said the reduction in episodes would help increase the pace of the story. Currently, the ratings for the drama series are quite low, receiving 2.4% for ep.1 and going lower each week with ep.6 receiving 1.2%. The drama series stars Jung Hae-In and Chae Soo-Bin, with a love story centering around an AI assistant modeled after the male character’s first love.

16 Responses to “tvN cuts drama series “A Piece of Your Mind” to 12 episodes”

  1. Robby

    TVN… really disappointed. This is a beautiful drama. The pace is slow but this is part of the beauty of this drama. Emotional and deep…please reconsider your choice.

  2. Hyi

    Noooooo why ㅠㅠㅠ it’s really so beautiful drama why they do that , cutting them will mess the story ㅠㅠ I really wanna see it at 16 , 4 eps aren’t short it’s 4 eps y’all !!! how could you do that for hae in !!! ㅠㅠㅠㅠ anyone knows where to contact tvn and request to not do that ? ㅠㅠ why korean ppl aren’t watching this masterpiece making the rating this low ?! Anyone who find it not beautiful really have no taste ㅠㅠ

  3. Hyo

    IKR? The beauty of the drama is the slow mellow paced-ness. I just hope the original vibe isn’t lost with this episode reduction.

  4. Han- Geon

    It is quite dissapointing that the drama will be cut short. It has very well written theme. The act of true love is shown in this drama. It is really difficult to console your crush’s crush yet it is portrayed in a very beautiful and elegant manner. I hope that they reconsider.

  5. Tinci

    This is a work of Art with great music, storyline, acting with beautiful colouring and photography. Pity the target audience has little appreciation of the true value of the gem that is presented to them.

  6. Tanjina

    Seriously, this is the best thing on-air right now!! Please don’t reduce the number of episodes!!

  7. Vincent

    please revert this change, this drama is the only one I’m excited for every week.

  8. Rkive05

    yeah I agree this drama is beautiful, the gestures, expression, and manner to develop relationship are elegant. I can’t explain more because it’s too beautiful please don’t reduce it because that reason.

  9. kai

    Lmao to all those blaming TVN. The show has low ratings. What are they supposed to do? They are a business so obviously they will cut the non profitable ones

  10. vky de guzman

    EXCELLENT PERFORMANCE!I love this drama and a lot of people feel the same way too..”ratings” should not only be the basis whether the drama should go on or not. some people do not pay much attention to giving ratings BUT they pay more attention to the drama..the actors of this drama should be given proper recognition for playing their roles excellently! Jung Hae In’s superb performance in the confrontation scene with his niece is something to be appreciated and truly deserve an award. Even her partner in this drama Chae-Soo-Bin has shown an excellent performance too, both of them and the rest of the actors and actress no matter how short their roles are. It is disappointing to know that this drama was cut short. I love how each scene unfolds…not so much talk but their actions, gestures speak a lot and the lead actors are really good at it. I congratulate both Jung Hae In and Chae Soo Bin, you both did a good job…do more dramas again. Take care of you both and the rest of the actors who put their heart and mind into this work of art. Good job!!

  11. burritoseokjin

    stupid decision for tvn to cut down the amount of the episodes. such a shame.

  12. Jun

    Will they release the original episodes on any platform?

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