February 14 2019

Teaser trailer for SBS drama series “Big Issue”

First teaser trailer added for SBS drama series “Big Issue” starring Joo Jin-Mo and Han Ye-Seul. The brief voice over by Han Ye-Seul in the teaser trailer states in Korean “Someone is taking a picture of you. Big Issue.”

Meanwhile, below is the first still images of Joo Jin-Mo in the upcoming drama series. This scene was filmed on January 15, 2019 at Seoul Station in South Korea. Joo Jin-Mo’s character of Han Seok-Joo was once a photographer, but he became homeless. He is then hired by an editor (Han Ye-Seul) of a paparazzi  magazine. This scene shows him when he was homeless.

“Big Issue” first airs March 6, 2019.

One Response to “Teaser trailer for SBS drama series “Big Issue””

  1. Ernanto

    Very Impressive and Awesome Photographs, pushed to the limit of imagination, new ways to take paparazzy pictures….Nice and touching story….must collected drama series…two thumbs up…! Good Works! Love Han ye Seul…

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