November 22 2019

Teaser trailer #5 and two special posters for JTBC drama series “Chocolate”

Teaser trailer #5 and two special posters added for JTBC drama series “Chocolate” starring Ha Ji-Won and Yoon Kye-Sang. The drama series reunites director Lee Hyeong-Min and screenwriter Lee Kyoung-Hee after 15 years. They previously worked together on 2004 KBS2 drama series “Sorry, I Love You” starring So Ji-Sub and Lim Soo-Jung. Captions on the two special posters above and below states in Korean “Sweet consolation which is handed to your life.”

“Chocolate” first airs November 29, 2019 in South Korea.

2 Responses to “Teaser trailer #5 and two special posters for JTBC drama series “Chocolate””

  1. Gloria Woods

    I love this movie because it has all the feelings of life, love, hate, loneliness, hurt, despair, compassion, sweetness, innocence, care, fun,revenge, desperation and need I say more. I have watched this movie 5 times. When you run from Love it will find you.

  2. Jaine B

    I am on my 4th time through. The writing was so wonderful. It gave the characters the widest range possible of human compassion, wonder, loss, sorrow, growth, discovery and more. The more I watched the more I realized how we get to see Lee Jun as the most important eyes and ears as observer, learner and then teacher, while we thought Lee Kang was the “male lead”. How could he lead when his life path was stopped at the same time Moon Cha-Young’s life path was stopped. They shared the stop and only Lee Jun knows what it all means. It took me 4 times through to catch the depth of that. This show shows that everyone matters. A lot! Everyone! Gamsamneda…thank you Chocolate!

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