March 26 2021

SBS cancels drama series “Joseon Exorcist”

SBS has decided to cancel their drama series “Joseon Exorcist,” starring Kam Woo-Sung & Jang Dong-Yoon, after airing just the first two episodes. About 80% of filming for the drama series has already finished and SBS has already paid for most of the broadcasting rights. Nevertheless, the decision to cancel the drama series was made after heavy criticism was thrown on the first two episodes of the drama series by the Korean audience. The criticism was for the blending of real historical figures and its fictional story, combined with the heavy use of Chinese cultural items like food, clothing, architecture, and music as backdrops for the first two episodes. Due to the public uproar most advertisers had already dropped the drama series.

SBS has not stated what will follow the now cancelled “Joseon Exorcist.”

12 Responses to “SBS cancels drama series “Joseon Exorcist””

  1. Natti

    Why????!!? Plz let it air!!! It’s like waiting for the next “The Kingdom” too be air why can’t we just watch this while we waiting for it!!! If not make more zombies drama!!! Thos one was Really good one like The Kingdom!

  2. paccial, michael baldemoro

    Can’t they just air it for other countries? I know that ratings matter for the korean production team but if 80% of the filming has been already then everything will just go to waste. Why not air it and do some changes on the chinese stuffs with the 20% of filming.

  3. Richard

    Please dont cancel. It is only a frictional film.. The first two episode it is great..

  4. Kommander Shepard

    yeah the other person is right, just air it to other countries. I would love to watch this kingdom spinoff and to think 80% of scenes were finished, what a waste!

  5. Arvin Jay Felix

    idk what koreans are thinking..
    its just fictional. they are really sensitive..

  6. Halu

    This drama is really a mess. If they want to make a fiction historical drama, why don’t they create totally new characters without using a single real characters that really exist in the history? And they even mixed the culture in this drama with other country’s culture. What’s the purpose of that?

  7. Jammer

    can we say it is like cruelty for your followers/fans/audiences … you should also consider the many fans anticipating for every episode untill finish of this series … why consider only those criticizing how about us who are waiting …

  8. Kirara-Sama

    BRING BACK THIS DRAMA!!! This is an excellent zombie drama with a excellent cast! BRING IT BACK!!!!!!!!!!! BRING IT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. RINA

    I think the cast , the director of this dramas are just fantastic. Can’t Korean people don’t understand what is fiction. It is such a waste to cancel it. Please reconsider again , or sell it to Nexflix.

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