March 5 2021

Na In-Woo offered lead male role in KBS2 drama “River Where The Moon Rises”

Cube Entertainment has revealed that Na In-Woo has been offered the lead male role in currently airing KBS2 drama series “River Where The Moon Rises” co-starring Kim So-Hyun. Na In-Woo would replace actor Ji Soo and play lead male character On Dal. Currently, Na In-Woo is “positively considering” the offer.

Broadcast station KBS has not officially announced that actor Ji Soo has dropped out of the drama series, but, with Cube Entertainment’s announcement, his departure seems all but certain. The drama series itself has already filmed 95% of its scenes and 6 episodes has already aired, yet KBS is working hard behind the scenes to prepare for the lead actor’s replacement. Ji Soo’s departure is caused by bullying accusations first made against him on March 2, 2021 via online community website Nate Pann. The accuser wrote Ji Soo was a member of a bully group in middle school that bullied him with physical and verbal violence. More people responded with similar accusations against Ji Soo for his past bullying behavior. On March 4, 2021, Ji Soo posted a handwritten apology in which he apologized to the people that suffered from his actions and admitted his past behavior was inexcusable.

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  1. Margaret Serva

    Why is this bullying issue just coming up now? No disrespect to the victims back during middle school. But you are all now 28-ish… Why would he loose his job in River Where the Moon Rises for behavior that happened when you were all 13-14 yrs old…? I understand he did take responsibility for his actions & bad unacceptable behavior. Again, I do not mean to dismiss or under-estimate the pain of what his victims went thru…. but is was 14 yrs ago…. It is unfortunate the people that were victimized could not of dealt with this in a more mature fashion instead of turning their issue over to the gossip headlines/ online community website Nate Pann. And why is KBS so quick to throw the towel in on Ji Soo for something that happened a long time ago… ? Again, no disrespect to the victims here. I do not condone violence in any way. However, in this situation, I think KBS & Cube Entertainments could of handled this situation alot better.
    I really like Ji Soo as an actor. He has alot of great skills & talent in his craft. Sad to hear he was such an scared, insecure “Dik”, as most bullies are cowards, when he was a teen ager. I hope he has grown & come to terms with his insecurities as a grown man. I hope he has left that kind of behavior behind him. Especially in relationships. To find out he is physically abusive to women (in relationships) would deter me from ever watching him again in any thing….. With that said, I my heart goes out to the people that were abused back then, I hope you all can heal & get past those scares. As well, Ji Soo , I do appreciate your work & talent . I hope you have learned from this & can get past this as well. And hope to see you soon in a new drama or something…something… very soon.

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