January 11 2018

Lee Sang-Yoon & Lee Sung-Kyung cast in tvN drama series “About Time”

Lee Sang-Yoon & Lee Sung-Kyung are cast for lead roles in tvN romance-fantasy drama series “About Time.”

Lee Sang-Yoon will play the character of Lee Do-Ha. He is the chairman of a cultural foundation. He unwittingly stops Choi Michaela’s (Lee Sung-Kyung) lifespan clock. Choi Michaela then bothers him with a combination of seduction and cute obsession.

Lee Sung-Kyung plays Choi Michaela. She is a musical actress with a special ability to see the lifespan clocks of people (i.e. how long a person will live). One day, she meets a man Lee Do-Ha (Lee Sang-Yoon) who stops her lifespan cock.

“About Time” will first air May, 2018 in South Korea (takes over tvN’s Monday and Tuesday 9:30 PM time slot after “A Poem A Day“).


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  1. Anurag

    There’s a typo in this post. 2nd last para, last word. It should be ” clock”.

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