September 10 2020

Kim Myung-Soo & Kwon Na-Ra cast in KBS2 drama “Secret Royal Inspector”

Kim Myung-Soo, Kwon Na-Ra, Lee Yi-Kyung and Lee Tae-Hwan are cast in KBS2 drama series “Secret Royal Inspector” (literal title). The drama series is set at the end of the Joseon era and will have Kim Myung-Soo playing lead character Sung Yi-Gyeom. He is a civil servant, but becomes a secret royal inspector as punishment for gambling. Kwon Na-Ra will play inspector Hong Da-In. She works on cases with Sung Yi-Gyeom.

Air date for “Secret Royal Inspector” has not yet been revealed.

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: Set towards the end of the Joseon era, Sung Yi-Gyeom (Kim Myung-Soo) placed first in the state examination and he now works at the Hongmungwan (administrative and research department). He doesn’t have a goal or ambition for his life. One day, Sung Yi-Gyeom is caught gambling. As punishment, he is assigned to work as a secret royal inspector. His job is to eradicate illegal acts and corruption by public officers. He carries out his new job with the help of Hong Da-In (Kwon Na-Ra) and Park Chun-Sam (Lee Yi-Kyung). Hong Da-In is a female inspector and solves cases with Sung Yi-Gyeom. Park Chun-Sam is Sung Yi-Gyeom’s servant. Park Chun-Sam is talkative, affectionate, and tearful.

Meanwhile, Sung Yi-Beom (Lee Tae-Hwan) is Sung Yi-Gyeom’s younger stepbrother. His father is a nobleman, but his mother is a slave. Due to his mother’s low social status, his father does not accept him as his real son and he is barred from having certain opportunities. He opposes his older stepbrother Sung Yi-Gyeom.

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  1. tsevca

    Lee Tae-Hwan playing the younger brother? He might by younger in real life, but Kim Myung-Soo simply has a very young look.

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