August 24 2020

Kim Hye-Yoon cast in drama series “Snowdrop”

Kim Hye-Yoon is cast for lead role in drama series “Snowdrop” co-starring Blackpink’s Kim Ji-Soo. For “Snowdrop,” Kim Hye-Yoon will reunite with director Jo Hyun-Tak and screenwriter Yoo Hyun-Mi. All three previously worked together in hit 2018 JTBC drama series “SKY Castle.” Meanwhile, the lead male role has been offered to actor Jung Hae-In and he is currently considering the offer.

Details on Kim Hye-Yoon’s character description has not yet been revealed or when the drama series will air.

12 Responses to “Kim Hye-Yoon cast in drama series “Snowdrop””

  1. Tadar

    I wish jisoo was in the lead role🥺 but, i also love Hyeyoon somuch ugh😩🤞🏻

  2. thamakorn sarawisutra

    I hope Hye Yoon is the main lead. She is very good in acting.

  3. ♥blackpinkstan♥

    I am confused is Jisoo or Hyeyoon the main lead? I wish that Jisoo’s the main lead though, nut I like Hyeyoon.

  4. Hyeppyending

    I like both of them, hopefully those who idolize one of them give positive comments, don’t blaspheme each other, we better support each other. Give a positive response even though you idolize one of them. Support them by watching the drama later, please

  5. itsonlysooyaas

    i hope jisoo just get role that she can show her charisma
    also hope junghaein will really accept this over, because i’ll more happy to see jisoo with hae in act in a onw drama

  6. Alice

    I really like Kim hye Yoon. She is really good in acting, I wish that she would be the main lead.😃

  7. 47ik

    I support all
    Whatever she will act, i really hope they do the best.

    I like kim hye yoon. I hope she will portray her character well to like she did in sky castle and extraordinary you

  8. sad

    I am disappointed that Kim Hye Yoon is not the main female lead. :'(
    And as someone who is not a blinks or blonks, I don’t know how I feel about Jisoo being the main lead. I guess she’s famous and that’s why. It just that she has only done small acting gigs up until now and then boom, main lead. Hmm.

  9. Macel

    I wish kim hye yoon is the main lead..because shes good in acting..ill watch her drama with rowoon..both hye yoon and rowoon good in acting..godbless you both

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