December 19 2016

First meeting of Moo Myung (Park Seo-Joon) and A-Ro (Go Ara) in KBS2 drama series “Hwarang”

Here’s still images of Park Seo-Joon and Go Ara in upcoming KBS2 drama series “Hwarang.” The still images are of a scene having Moo Myung (Park Seo-Joon) and A-Ro (Go Ara) meeting for the first time. This scene will appear in ep.1 of “Hwarang” which airs December 19, 2016 in South Korea.

12 Responses to “First meeting of Moo Myung (Park Seo-Joon) and A-Ro (Go Ara) in KBS2 drama series “Hwarang””

  1. BB

    No,not feeling this couple…She got way more chemistry with King Maek Jong.


  2. Kao

    Who ever said she has more chemistry with the king is dead wrong. She has MORE and BETTER chemistry with seo joon ☺☺ I ship them so bad !!!!!! Honestly, ppl only like hyungsik because he’s eye candy only . Seo joon is so talented and attractive in his own ways that can capture people’s hearts💁🏻 I love him

  3. Purpleandamethyst

    Go ara and Park Seo-Joon Fighting !! More comedy romantic scenes . 😍

  4. trexy mourine

    I love hwarang a lot,,for me this is the best kdrama ever,, i cry every eps.because of joy,,Go-ara and park seo joon FIGHTING,,

  5. K

    I like her more with kim Maek Jong They are cute together I feel like she should end up with him but I don’t really care if she ends up with moo myung.

  6. Kim Seo Min

    I really these two. How the connect with each other emits some kind of electrifying moments for me. They are perfect for each other. Though the King loves her too. But I love them more..

  7. Chietake

    I ship her with either to Dog-bird/ Sunwoo or to King Jinheung, I think she has chemistry with both actors.. I like her with dog-bird because though it was just on script but I can feel their emotions or feelings towards each other, that sometimes I wish that they’ll also have that feeling even after the drama, or even without the camera, but I also like her with King Jinheung becuase I can also feel his sincere feelings towards Aro.. and they would make a good couple even if you’ll just look at them.. but if I really have to choose between dog-bird and the King I would choose dog-bird, he’s like a knight and shining armor to Aro.. ❤

  8. octaryne

    I love Park Soe Joon but I don’t like Go A ra… sorry.. No offense, please…

  9. ls

    Go A ra .you are doing great and ur chemistry with sun woo is superb. It is a great drama. The best one of 2017

  10. truefeather77

    I liked the king a lot, as well as DogBird. But the king was cool, when he was with her, not like the indecisive, tormented king-in-exile he was most of the time. Everything about her helped him gain his strength, confidence, and courage, and that was beautiful to see.

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