October 4 2023

Teaser poster and release date set for Disney+ drama “Dragons of Wonder Hatch”

Teaser poster and release date set for Disney+ drama series “Dragons of Wonder Hatch” starring Sena Nakajima and Daiken Okudaira. The drama series features an original fantasy-adventure screenplay that mixes live-action and animation. In the drama series, Sena Nakajima plays high school student Nagi and Daiken Okudaira plays dragon rider Tyme, who lives in the world Upananta. These two people somehow meet.

“Dragons of Wonder Hatch” will be available to stream from December 20, 2023.

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: Nagi (Sena Nakajima) is a female high school student in Yokosuka, Japan. She doesn’t fit in with her classmates. She likes to fantasize and when she hears a sound she visualizes the sound to colors. Her eccentric habit soon leads her to have repeated daydreams of flying in the sky. She doesn’t feel good about that.

Meanwhile, Tyme (Daiken Okudaira) lives in the alternate world Upananta and he is a dragon rider. Unusual phenomena starts to take place in Upananta, which involves many floating islands falling from the sky. Hero Akuta (Mackenyu Arata) leads his group and they try to save people during the crisis. Tyme joins Akuta’s group, but he isn’t happy with them. This is because he can’t hear the voice of dragons, which is the most important thing when riding a dragon. Tyme is also considered a dropout by Akuta’s group and he is uncomfortable there.

One day, these two worlds intersect. Nagi meets Tyme from Upananta. Even though they come from different worlds, Nagi and Tyme share the fact that they are different from those around them.

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