January 21 2022

Fuka Koshiba cast in TV Asahi drama “Yokai Housemate 2” & movie version

Fuka Koshiba is cast in TV Asahi sequel drama series “Yokai Housemate 2” and movie version “Yokai Housemate.” Also cast for the sequel drama series and movie are MatsumotoKatsuya MaigumaNobue Iketani and Koji Ookura. All the announced cast members appeared in the original 2020 TV Asahi drama series “Yokai Housemate” and will reprise their respective characters.

Drama series “Yokai Housemate 2” will air April, 2022 and the movie version will be released June, 2022 in Japan.

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: Mio Meguro (Fuka Koshiba) is in a difficult financial situation and she can’t finish writing her novel. Her life is messy at the moment. She decides to return to the sharehouse where she lived with mysterious yokai creatures. Now, new yokai appear at the sharehouse. Something happens to the yokai and they begin to create disturbances, which draws Mio Meguro into the disturbance.

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