August 25 2020

Trailer 2 for movie “Pawn”

Trailer #2 added for movie “Pawn” starring Sung Dong-Il, Ha Ji-Won, & Kim Hee-Won. Captions in trailer #2 state (0:19) “Went to get debt and came back with another lump,” (01:01) “Become a family by accumulating time,” (01:14) “The best light in my life.”

“Pawn” will be released September, 2020 in South Korea.

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: Incheon, South Korea in 1993, Doo-Seok (Sung Dong-Il) works as a debt collector. He looks intimidating, but he actually has a warm heart. One day, he goes to see Myung-Ja (Kim Yunjin) to collect debt. Unexpectedly, Myung-Ja gives her young young daughter Seung-Yi (Park So-Yi) as collateral. Myung-Ja is an illegal immigrant and she is deported from South Korea. Suddenly, Doo-Seok becomes Seung-Yi’s guardian.

Now, Seung-Yi (Ha Ji-Won) is all grown up.

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