October 20 2015

Teaser trailer for movie “The Sound of a Flower”

Teaser trailer added for movie “The Sound of a Flower” starring Ryoo Seung-Ryong, Bae Suzy (‘Miss A’), Kim Nam-Gil & Song Sae-Byeok. Movie is directed by Lee Jong-Pil (“Born to Sing“). Story for the film follows a teacher (Ryoo Seung-Ryong) of pansori and a woman (Bae Suzy) who has a natural gift for the art, but is unable to perform because of her gender. She risks her life by taking the appearance of a man to sing pansori and the teacher risks his life to teach her the art of pansori.

In addition, release date for “The Sound of a Flower” is now set for November 25, 2015 in South Korea.

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