August 3 2020

Teaser trailer for movie “Space Sweepers”

Teaser trailer added for movie “Space Sweepers” starring Song Joong-Ki & Kim Tae-Ri. Captions in the teaser state (0:09) “Year 2092, above the devastated earth,” (0:13) “Space is vast and ..,” (0:17) “There are a lot of trash that can make money,” (0:52) “Our purpose is to make money,” (0:56) “We did not intend to become protectors of Earth.”

The film follows Captain Jang (Kim Tae-Ri), Tae-Ho (Song Joong-KiĀ ), Tiger Park (Jin Seon-Kyu) and Robot Eobdong (Yu Hae-Jin), who are crew members on the sweeper spaceship Victory. The get involved in a dangerous deal.

Meanwhile, the film’s release date has now been set for September 23, 2020 in South Korea.

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