October 29 2018

Teaser trailer for JTBC drama series “Clean With Passion For Now”

First teaser trailer for JTBC drama series “Clean With Passion For Now” (literal title) starring Kim You-Jung and Yoon Gyun-Sang. The drama series is based on webcomic “Ildan Ddeugeobge Chungsoharaā€¯ by Aaengo. “Clean With Passion For Now” was originally scheduled to air at the beginning of this year, but was delayed after Kim You-Jung was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. Now that she has received treatment, “Clean With Passion For Now” will first air November 26, 2018 in South Korea.

Meanwhile, below is the first still images of Song Jae-Rim in the drama series. In the drama series, Song Jae-Rim plays Choi-gun. Choi-gun is an original character in the drama series and does not appear in the original webcomic. Choi-gun is a mysterious chap and nobody knows his full name or his actual job. He bickers with Gil O-Sol (Kim You-Jung), but he begins to support Gil O-Sol.

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