May 11 2021

Teaser posters for movie “The Gossip”

Here’s two teaser posters for movie “The Gossip” starring Kim Gang-Hyun, Kang Chan-Hee, & Kim So-Ra. The film is directed by Hwang Song-Jae (“Oh! My God 2“) and features a screenplay that has elements of comedy, thriller, mystery, and horror.

“The Gossip” will be released June, 2021 in South Korea.

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: Jung-Seok (Kang Chan-Hee) takes a part-time job. His job is to care for Chairman Choi (Jang Gwang), who is near death, at his home. Jung-Seok’s duties include doing mundane things like changing the chairman’s adult diapers and giving him pills. Most of the time, Jung-Seok spends time with his co-worker Yibbal (Kim Gang-Hyun), who never stops talking. One day, Yibbal talks about Se-Na (Kim So-Ra), who is legendary and known for being extremely skilled in bed. Yibbal calls Se-Na and she comes to the chairman’s home. Jung-Seok, Yibbal, and Se-Na drink alcohol together. At that time, Chairman Choi suddenly wakes up and attacks Yibbal. While they try to stop Chairman Choi, he suddenly dies.

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