August 17 2022

Teaser posters for movie “Honest Candidate 2”

Here the first two teaser posters for upcoming sequel film “Honest Candidate 2” starring Ra Mi-Ran, Kim Moo-Yul, & Yoon Kyung-Ho. The movie’s release date has also been set to September 28, 2022 in South Korea. The movie follows 2020 film “Honest Candidate” which revolves around Joo Sang-Sook (Ra Mi-Ran), who runs for re-election in the national assembly and is suddenly unable to tell a lie.

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: As a politician, Joo Sang-Sook (Ra Mi-Ran) attempted to run for the fourth time as a member of the nationally assembly. After visiting her grandmother, Joo Sang-Sook was unable to tell a lie. Now, Joo Sang-Sook attempts to return to the political world.

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