October 13 2020

Tang Wei & Park Hae-Il cast in movie “The Decision to Break Up”

Tang WeiPark Hae-IlLee Jung-HyunKo Gyung-Pyo and Park Yong-Woo are all cast in Park Chan-Wook directed film “The Decision to Break Up” (literal title). Tang Wei and Park Hae-Il will play main characters Seo-Rae and Detective Hae-Joon respectively. The film will revolve around the death of a man that took place on a mountain. His wife Seo-Rae becomes a suspect. Cast for supporting roles are Lee Jung Hyun as Jung-An (wife of Detective Hae-Joon), Ko Gyung-Pyo as Soo-Wan (Detective Hae-Joon’s partner), and Park Yong-Woo as Ho-Shin.

Filming for “The Decision to Break Up” will begin October, 2020.

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: Hae-Joon (Park Hae-Il) works as a detective. He is polite to others, but passionate when investigating cases. He begins an investigation into an unnatural death case that took place on a mountain. While investigating the case, Hae-Joon meets Seo-Rae (Tang Wei). She is the former wife of the deceased man. Hae-Joon is suspicious of her, but he also becomes interested in her.

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