May 19 2020

Song Joong-Ki & Kim Hye-Jun cast in movie “Season of You and Me”

Song Joong-Ki and Kim Hye-Jun are cast in movie “Season of You and Me” (literal title). They join Jin Seon-Kyu, who is already cast for a co-lead role. The film is based on the lives of two real people: singer-songwriter Yoo Jae-Ha and singer-songwriter Kim Hyun-Sik. For the film Song Joong-Ki will play Yoo Jae-Ha and Kim Hye-Jun will play Yoo Jae-Ha’s first love. Movie will be directed by Jung Da-Won (“Miss & Mrs. Cops“).

Filming for “Season of You and Me” will begin sometime during the second half of this year, as the latter parts of the film is set in late autumn.

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