September 3 2020

Ra Mi-Ran cast in movie “Citizen Deok-Hee”

Ra Mi-Ran is cast for the main character role in movie “Citizen Deok-Hee” (working & literal title). Also cast in major supporting character roles are Gong MyungYum Hye-Ran and Jang Yoon-Ju. The film is based on a true story of a housewife who became the victim of a voice phishing scam and attempted to catch the group. Filming for the movie will begin sometime later this year in South Korea.

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: Deok-Hee (Ra Mi-Ran) is an ordinary citizen. She becomes a victim of a voice phishing scam. She loses tens of thousands of dollars in one moment. With the help of Jae-Min (Gong Myung), Bong-Rim (Yum Hye-Ran) and Sook-Ja (Jang Yoon-Ju), Deok-Hee chases after the voice phishing group. Jae-Min is a member of the voice phishing group and Deok-Hee’s secret informant. Bong-Rim is Deok-Hee’s friend and co-worker. Sook-Ja shares Deok-Hee’s enthusiasm to catch the voice phishing group.

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