April 19 2024

Main trailer for movie “Following”

Main trailer added for movie “Following” starring Byun Yo-Han and Shin Hae-Sun. Movie is a mystery thriller involving a real estate agent, played by Byun Yo-Han, who enjoys peeping into the private lives of other people, and a social media influencer, played by Shin Hae-Sun, who posts fake stuff about her life. Captions in the trailer states (0:14) “Woman who lives for getting other people’s attention,” (0:22) “Man who takes a peek into other people’s lives,” (1:13) “All the evidence points at me,” (1:33) “I myself,” (1:34) “A Criminal,” (1:36) “Must Find.”

“Following” will be released May 15, 2024 in South Korea.

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: Koo Jung-Tae (Byun Yo-Han) is a real estate agent. His secret hobby is peeping into the private lives of other people. He sometimes uses his job to go into his clients’ homes to pursue his hobby. Koo Jung-Tae becomes interested in social media influencer Han So-Ra (Shin Hae-Sun), who posts staged stuff like photos of vegan salads while eating convenience store sausages. He begins to observe her more closely. One day, Han So-Ra visits Koo Jung-Tae’s real estate office as a client and entrusts her home key to him. Koo Jung-Tae later sneaks into her home and uncovers a surprise. After that, someone, who knew he entered Han So-Ra’s apartment, threatens him. Koo Jung-Tae is then brought into the police station and questioned by Detective Oh Young-Joo (Lee El). Koo Jung-Tae decides to find the criminal that is responsible for his troubles by using Han So-Ra’s social medial account.

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