February 17 2018

Kim You-Jung, Choi Woo-Sik, Jung So-Min make cameo appearance in movie “Golden Slumber”

Kim You-Jung, Choi Woo-Sik and Jung So-Min make cameo appearances in just released film “Golden Slumber.” Their cameo appearances were not announced until after the film’s release on February 14, 2018 as a nice surprise. Movie “Golden Slumber” is based on novel “Golden Slumber” by Kotaro Isaka. Story for the film follows delivery man Gun-Woo (Gang Dong-Won) who gets framed for the assassination of a presidential candidate. He then goes on the run.

For the cameo appearances, Kim You-Jung plays Soo-A. She is an idol singer and she is saved by Gun-Woo (Gang Dong-Won) from a dangerous situation. Choi Woo-Sik plays Joo-Hoo. He is the younger brother of Gun-Woo, but they are not blood related. Lastly, Jung So-Min plays Yoo-Mi. She is a friend of Gun-Woo, but she gets into a physical fight with Gun-Woo.

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