April 4 2017

Kim Woo-Bin cast in remake film “Wiretap”

Kim Woo-Bin is cast in movie “Wiretap” (literal title) co-starring Lee Jung-Jae. Movie will be directed Choi Dong-Hoon (“The Thieves“) and is based on 2009 Hong Kong film “Overheard.”

In the upcoming film, Kim Woo-Bin will play Park Sang-Dae. He is a traffic cop who sticks to his principles. While pursing a case, he comes across a secret operation by a corporate crime investigation team.

Also cast in supporting roles areĀ Yum Jung-Ah and Kim Eui-Sung. Yum Jung-Ah will play a superintendent who leads corporate crime investigation team. Kim Eui-Sung will play Detective Oh Hyung-Joo. He is a member of the crime investigation team with Detective Ko Chang-Sun (Lee Jung-Jae).

“Wiretap” is scheduled for release sometime during summer, 2018 in South Korea.

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