October 30 2015

Kim So-Hyun cast in movie “Princess Deokhye”

Teen actress Kim So-Hyun is cast in upcoming movie “Princess Deokhye” (literal title) starring Son Ye-Jin & Park Hae-Il. Movie is based on 2009 novel “Deokhyeongjoo” by Kwon Bi-Young and directed by Hur Jin-Ho (“Christmas in August”).

In movie “Princess Deokhye,” Kim So-Hyun will play main character Princess Deokhye (Son Ye-Jin) during her younger teenage years. As a young girl, Princess Deokhye was adored by the people and her father King Gojong, but after witnessing her father’s assassination she changes.

Filming for “Princess Deokhye” begins November, 2015 in South Korea.

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