December 17 2015

Gang Dong-Won, Lee Byung-Hun & Kim Woo-Bin cast in movie “Master”

Popular actors Gang Dong-Won, Lee Byung-Hun & Kim Woo-Bin are all cast in upcoming action-crime film “Master.” Movie is directed by Choi Ui-Seok (“Cold Eyes“). This is the first time Gang Dong-Won, Lee Byung-Hun and Kim Woo-Bin have worked with each other.

Premise for movie “Master” involves an intellectual crime investigation team as they attempt to take down the company “Won Network.” The company Won Network is involved in a massive fraud case. Actor Gang Dong-Won will play the leader of the crime investigation team. Lee Byung-Hun will play the president of Won Network and Kim Woo-Bin will play the section chief of Won Network. Kim Woo-Bin’s character provides the brains behind Won Network.

Filming for “Master” begins sometime during the first half of 2016 in South Korea.

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