December 26 2019

Character posters for movie “The Man Standing Next”

Here’s three character posters for upcoming movie “The Man Standing Next” starring Lee Byung-Hun. The character posters are of Lee Byung-Hun as KCIA Chief Kim Kyu-Pyeong, Kwak Do-Won as ex-KCIA Chief Park Yong-Kak, and Lee Hee-Joon as Presidential Security Service Chief Kwak Sang-Cheon. For Lee Byung-Hun’s character poster, caption states in Korean “Mr. President, what do you want me to do? Chief of KCIA Kim Kyu-Pyeong.” Kwak Do-Won’s character poster states “The president does not let no.2 live. Former Chief of KCIA Park Yong-Kak.” Lastly, character poster for Lee Hee-Joon states “The president is the nation. My job is to protect the nation. Chief of PSS Kwak Sang-Cheon.” Movie is based on the true story of the disappearance of the ex-KCIA Chief and, a few weeks later, the assassination of the South Korean president.

“The Man Standing Next” will be released January, 2020 in South Korea.

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