August 10 2018

7 character posters for movie “Feng Shui”

Here’s 7 character posters for upcoming movie “Feng Shui.” The film stars Cho Seung-Woo & Ji Sung who are both currently in starring roles in drama series (“Life” & “Feng Shui” respectively). The 7 character posters from the movie are of Cho Seung-Woo, Ji Sung, Baek Yoon-Sik, Kim Sung-Kyun, Moon Chae-Won, Yoo Jae-Myung and Lee Won-Geun. Caption on Cho Seung-Woo’s poster at the top states in Korean “Park Jae-Sang: Person who reads energy of land.”

Ji-Sung’s poster below states in Korean “Heungseon: Person who tries to become King with the land.”

Baek Yoon-Sik’s character poster states in Korean “Kim Jwa-Geun: Person who tries to own the country with the land.”

Kim Sung-Kyun’s character poster states “Kim Byung-Ki: Person who wants to have wealth and honor with the land.”

Moon Chae-Won’s character poster states “Cho-Sun: Person who holds secret of the land.”

Yoo Jae-Myung’s character poster states “Koo Yong-Sik: Person who turns land into wealth.

Lee Won-Geun’s character poster states “King Heonjong: Person who wants to keep royal authority with the land.”


“Feng Shui” will be released September 19, 2018 in South Korea.

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