August 8 2019

Yoon Si-Yoon, Jung In-Sun & Park Sung-Hoon cast in tvN drama series “Psychopath Diary”

Yoon Si-Yoon, Jung In-Sun and Park Sung-Hoon are cast in tvN drama series “Psychopath Diary.” The drama series is a mystery-thriller involving temporary amnesia, a serial killer and set at an office in a stock trading company. Yoon Si-Yoon will play meek stock trading company employee Yook Dong-Sik. Jung In-Sun will play Police Officer Sim Bo-Kyung. She accidentally hits Yook Dong-Sik with her car, which causes him to lose his memory. He then mistakenly believes he is a serial killer. Park Sung-Hoon will play stock trading company director Seo In-Woo. He is the real serial killer.

“Psychopath Diary” will first air sometime in the second half of this year in South Korea.

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